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2017 BMW 6-series

09 Jul
posted: 09/07/2024

2017 BMW 6-series

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For those who have had a fantastic driving experience in previous 6 Series models, the phrase “quiet confidence” will seem to perfectly describe the essence of this luxury car.

The 2017 BMW 6 caused a real stir among car enthusiasts thanks to both innovations and marketing moves of the German concern. For example, it is difficult not to notice the increase in the size and carrying capacity of the car, and the change in its appearance to a more dynamic and sporty one.

New features and enhancements to BMW's classic coupe include a superbly crafted interior, refined and powerful engines, a relatively large boot and the option of a convertible with a versatile soft top.

The facelift includes updated mirrors, a new Black Accent package, as well as LED headlights and a sports exhaust system.

Review of the 2017 BMW 6 design

The Germans are very sensitive to the design of their iconic cars, so there have been no major changes in the appearance of the BMW 6. Although now it has become closer to a sports style. The unusual X-shaped bumper fits harmoniously into the overall picture. The double sectional radiator grille remains unchanged.

Changes have affected optics, both externally and internally. Now the headlights have an unusual teardrop shape and improved performance thanks to the use of LED technology. The creators also took care of the foglights: they are located just below the headlights and will be a pleasant bonus in foggy or rainy weather. The taillights are powerful and also updated. The rear window caused criticism - too little space was allocated for it.

In general terms, the premium sedan has a sporty charm. Smooth, clear lines and convex wings, like the muscles of an athlete, speak of the power of the car. The rear bumper was also enlarged and made more presentable, with exhaust pipes almost imperceptibly built into it.

The interior is no less attractive: leather, wood and style in the smallest detail. The interior of the car amazes with its functionality, comfort and luxury. The seats are leather, the steering wheel is trimmed with electric power. Sensors and buttons are placed very ergonomically and conveniently for the driver. Everything is at hand and in sight.

A powerful multimedia system with a 10.2-inch display on the center console is synchronized with two smaller displays located on the backs of the front seats. This move is a nice touch, but many reviewers say there's not a lot of space for passengers, and seat comfort only partially compensates for this.

A pleasant bonus was the increase in trunk volume to 580 liters. At the same time, the rear row of seats can be folded and a total space of 1525 liters is obtained.

Technical specifications of the 2017 BMW 6-series

The engine of the previous generation, a powerful six-cylinder unit, has proven itself well, so in the new model it is at the heart of the line of engines, which are produced in four modifications. The weakest engine in the line - six-cylinder, 3 liter - will produce a power of 333 hp, and the most powerful – 4.4 liter – 476 hp. The lineup also includes a turbocharged unit producing 600 horsepower.

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