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a. What cars do you sell?

a. THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC has one dealership, where you can find cars of different brands and years of manufacture. All our cars are rebuilt-titled. It means that they are cheaper than Clean-titled cars. That is why you get more luxury and the latest features for less money. We promise that you will have newer used cars with low miles for the best price. 

b. What does ‘Rebuilt Title’ mean?

b. The term ‘Rebuilt Title’ can be understood differently. It differentiates from state to state. Some use this term with regard to the cars which haven’t been accredited to be sold. Others use it with a view to the cars having defects due to some mechanical causes such as collision, hail or water damage for example. The car is called ‘salvage’ if its repair cost is estimated to be between 50 and 90 percent of its market value. THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC takes the view that ‘Rebuilt Title’ cars are those having been in a road accident or having water damage and requiring an enormous expenditure but still having the possibility to be repaired. Differently speaking, some insurance companies and the owners as well think it’s easier to sell such cars and have some profit from it rather than to repair them. Nevertheless, our highly-qualified mechanics do their best to give these cars a new life, and we are always ready to prove the quality of overhaul to our cars.   

c. Do you provide information about the condition of the cars and their history?

c. Yes, THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC provides full information about the type of the damage if it is a Rebuilt Title car. We have nothing to hide! You can come to our store and see the great job done by our team. We can show you the parts we have replaced and explain the nature of the eliminated problem. Moreover, our professionals will provide you with all necessary information about the accident the car has been in or whether it has been water-damaged.  If you have no possibility to come to our location, we can share the information via e-mail or over the telephone. Be assured, you can always participate directly in the test drive and see what our cars can do.

d. Is it possible to get insurance for a rebuilt-titled cars?

d. Of course, you can acquire regular insurance for our cars. All of the insurance companies we have worked with value our cars as completely safe and being on par with clean-titled cars. Moreover, the cost of insurance for rebuilt-titled cars is cheaper than you could expect. It should also be noted that all cars sold by THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC have acquired insurancewithout any problems. We’ll gladly give you an advice concerning the reliable insurance companies to contact if you wish. 

e. Do you provide a warranty on your cars?

e. One of the main advantages of THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC is providing non-dealer warranty that is service contract under “National Platinum Drivetrain Plan” for 3 months/3000 miles from reputable Auto Service Company included in the price for the vehicle. Vehicle Protection Plan under the service contract protects our customer against major expenses throughout the United States. There is NO DEDUCTIBLE on covered parts and labor. Restrictions apply. You may choose any other available extended vehicle protection plans on this vehicle for an extra charge. For details look at the Buyer’s Guide or contact Maiia at (732) 890-1241.

f. How can be sure that the vehicle is in a great condition?

f. We are the experts in car industry. Quality of our inventory proved by 100% positive feedback and warranted by Top Rated Auto Service Company. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected, and test driven before sale. Nevertheless, regardless the reliability of our cars and given warranties, we allow an independent inspector to inspect our cars at our facility or we can bring the car for the inspection to any facility of customer choice within 5 miles from our location at prospective purchasers’ request and costs. We understand how it is important for you to have a reliable, safe vehicle that performs its mission every day.

g. What is the help with financing?

g. We are not a creditor and we do not provide financing to our customers BUT because of reliability of our inventory and exceptional reputation, we work with two credit unions who DO finance our buyers. For referrals to those credit unions contact Maya at (732)890-1241.

h. How to buy reliable car for the best price?

h. We vigilantly monitor market prices for similar vehicles to set a fair price for our inventory. Therefore, the posted price is the BEST price for the vehicle. However, if you see reasons to bargain (for example, you found a similar car for less posted for sale from another eBay Seller), don’t hesitate to make us an offer that will be considered ASAP. To support your offer, please keep handy the info about the similar featured vehicle. ​​​​​​​

i. Why The Guaranteed Best Choice?

i. We are different than traditional dealerships. Unlike other sellers on eBay and elsewhere, we specialize not only in Used Car Sales but also in rebuilding cars to bring them back to life. We have years of experience performing everything from oil changes to a complete engine overhaul. We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to guarantee the vehicle is repaired and/or serviced correctly, and we only use the manufacture quality replacement parts, filters, oils, and components. The expertise of The Guaranteed Best Choice Inc is certified by National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, National and Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Associations.

j. COVID 19

j. Special GBChoice services during the COVID-19 epidemic We care about our customers The world is going through difficult times. The covid-19 epidemic took us by surprise. However, despite this, our company continues to work for you. Moreover, we think that the current situation is not a reason to postpone the purchase of a car. Why do you need to buy a car now? Now it is much safer to travel by your own car than on public transport or in a rented car, because you do not know whether they have been disinfected and treated or whether a sick person has traveled inside. Your car is your “fortress” on wheels, the condition of which you monitor yourself. Accordingly, you are always sure of your safety! Moreover, buying a car now may be much more profitable for you than usual. At the moment, due to the current situation, the state provides a lot of profitable lending programs, various deferred payments, etc. And now we would like to tell you about the NEW SERVICES that our company provides in this difficult situation: HOME DELIVERY . We understand the seriousness of the situation around us. That is why we will help you find a carrier that will deliver the selected car to your home at the lowest price. You will not need to go to us and risk your health. VIRTUAL INSPECTION OF A CAR . We understand that you cannot come to our dealership because of the current situation. For you not to buy a car blindly, our company offers you a new service - VIRTUAL CAR INSPECTION. You can ask our team to make a video of your car which will be further sent to you. Our experts will show you all the details you are interested in for you to decide whether the car is suitable for you. ONLINE WALKAROUND. We can also do a Walkaround online. Nowadays there a lot of sources to do it: Skype, Zoom, Webex, etc. We can have a live conversation and answer all your questions concerning a car. We can open and close doors, trunk, sunroof, etc., start a car, listen to the sound of motor, and whatever you want. Moreover, we can discuss the safety and warranty questions for you to be completely sure in your purchase. CARS SANITAZING. Our company carries out full sanitizing of all our cars before the delivery. You may be sure that all the doors, handles, seats, as well as steering wheel and keys are treated with the vapor. SOCIAL DISTANCING. Nowadays we are trying to offer as much social distancing as possible. For this purpose, we make appointments by phone, by e-mail, or online. WIRE TRANSFER. GBChoice Company does everything possible to make the lives of our customers easier in such a difficult time. That is why we support payments by Domestic Wire Transfer – i.e. electronically. We will be glad to see you among our customers! Contact us and we will answer all your questions. Your satisfaction is our goal!

K. Export/ Domestic Shipment

K. Besides the sale of rebuilt-titled cars in Hollywood, THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC helps with quality shipping of vehicles to all states of the USA and even worldwide. We have a contractual relationship with various shipping companies which can make responsible and safe shipping of your car. THE GUARANTEED BEST CHOICE INC works with a great dispatch company - Central Dispatch – which has a list of all transportation companies. We place a customer's car on their website and any shipping company can submit an application for delivery. Nevertheless, we do not work with untested companies. We carefully review the rating and read feedbacks of the companies before signing a contract with them. If you want to connect with the shipping company directly we can give you its coordinates. Facilitating of safe and secure shipping of cars is of the utmost importance to us! The team of our professionals will make every effort to make the shipping process as easy and comfortable as possible. You can be sure that you will be constantly supported by our team during the shipping. ADDITIONAL SERVICES Besides the shipping of our cars worldwide we also can also provide help with buying a car at the auctions or with finding the necessary parts for your car. Moreover, our international shipping service includes preparing the chosen cars for repair. It may also happen that you don’t like the car you have chosen at the auction. Don’t worry! Our company will find a credible alternative for you based on your wishes and requirements.

z. Repair and maintenance  of your car? 

z. Looking to schedule your appointment for a repair and maintenance  of your car?  Call today to schedule an appointment at 305-393-9922 or visit us at The Guaranteed Best Choice Inc 5601Plunkett St, Hollywod, FL 33023 We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired and/or serviced correctly the first time around, and we only use the highest quality replacement parts, filters, oils, and components when it comes to your car. Our services include: 4x4 Services Car & Truck Care Domestic Cars & Trucks Electrical Services Electronic Services Engine & Transmission Engine Maintenance General Services Heating and Cooling Services Import Cars & Trucks Miscellaneous Services Quick Lube Services Towing Transmission Services Undercar Services

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