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2019 Land Rover Discovery: premium midsize SUV

21 Aug
posted: 21/08/2022

2019 Land Rover Discovery: premium midsize SUV

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British Land Rover SUVs combine the highest level of reliability, functionality and road comfort in their design. The new-generation Land Rover Discovery 2019 model differs from previous developments by significant updates in body design and interior design, economy and improved traction parameters of the engine range.


When viewed from the front, the new body attracts attention with a competent layout of large and small details. The high-set front end begins with a wide hood, which smoothly passes into a small-format radiator grille and gives a predatory squint to the headlight units with LED or xenon filling.

The main elements of aggressiveness are concentrated in the design of the body kit. In addition to the central air intake cooling the engine compartment, there are two diffusers on the sides to stabilize the temperature of the brakes.

At the bottom of the body kit there is a reinforced plastic skirt and metal crankcase protection of the power unit.

When viewed from the side, the model demonstrates an almost flat roofline with chrome rails, small window glazing relative to the body, an undulating relief concentrated in the lower part of the body and volumetric niches with 18-inch wheels.

The design of the rear of the Land Rover Discovery 2019 is significantly different from the appearance of the branded range models. First of all, this is a large window with a massive spoiler visor, atypical for SUVs, a vertical layout of the luggage compartment lid, an exclusive shape of the feet and a powerful plastic body kit.

The updated SUV is identified at a glance by the shape and configuration of the lower part of the bumper, complemented by exhausts brought to the sides, a metal protective trim and a pair of fog lamps.


Interior design in terms of quality materials and perfection of finishes can successfully compete with higher-class models. The 2019 Land Rover Discovery model year received a functional and at the same time the most comfortable interior, made using genuine leather, high-quality fabrics, plastics and polished metal decorative elements.

On the front console in the standard layout there are air deflectors, a classic type instrument panel with dial gauges for speed and revolutions, between which a multifunctional computer monitor is built. In the top version, it is possible to replace the dashboard with a multi-mode virtual display.

At first glance, the main attention is focused on the multi-mode display, which combines multimedia and command functions, convenient access to the settings of standard systems.

At the junction of the console and the tunnel, there is a device for wireless charging of smartphones and connecting external electronic, including gaming, gadgets.

On the surface of the tunnel there is a transmission control joystick, as well as panels with elements for setting the chassis suspension and activating the most important on-board systems.

In the configuration there are closed volumes for small luggage, cup holders and a small refrigerator that opens when the armrest is raised. Restyling of the steering wheel has affected the improvement of the finish and the increase in the buttons on the side spokes.

The new body in various modifications is designed for 5 or 7 seats with different levels of travel comfort. The functionality of the front row seats with a wide range of settings, heating and cooling systems is the widest.

The service of passengers of the rear triple sofa is limited by backrest tilt adjustment, individual climate control and a comfortable armrest. The two third-row seats are only heated.

Fans of long-distance travel will be able to appreciate the useful volume of the 1230-liter luggage compartment, which, after laying the back of the sofa, almost doubles.


The body structure with overall dimensions of 4970 x 2073 and 1888 mm and a center base extended to 2923 mm is based on increased resistance to the entire range of operational loads.

The advantages of an all-wheel drive chassis with integrated stabilizers and other road safety systems will be realized by sufficiently powerful and economical power units, working in tandem with an automatic 8-speed transmission.

The engine range includes diesel engines of a new generation with parameters of 2 l/180-240 hp. and a 3-liter counterpart with an output of 249 hp. The complete set of the top modification 2019 Land Rover Discovery provides for the presence of a 3-liter gasoline drive with an output of up to 340 hp.

The test drive made it possible to clarify the actual fuel consumption of engines of different sizes per 100 km of run within 7-11 liters. The traction characteristics of the SUV allow towing a trailer with a total weight of up to 3 tons.

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