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07 Dec
posted: 07/12/2021


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In 2014, a new generation of this wonderful car appeared. If to speak about the recent changes, everything changed - the exterior that made the car more modern and aggressive, the interior, more innovative and modern, and of course the power unit changed.

The side part may be different, since the model is sold in different bodies. Because of this, the size changes. We will take the coupe, as it looks like a side with a sedan and a convertible. The side part has swollen wheel arches, with a bevel. In front of the front arch there is a nameplate "V8 BITURBO". There are beautifully designed aerodynamic lines, both in the upper part and in the lower part of the body. The rear-view mirrors are made in the style of sports cars, that is, they are mounted on a leg and have an aerodynamic shape.

The rear part of the car will please with narrow LED optics, and there is a carbon spoiler on the luggage compartment lid, which works great for aerodynamics. The rear massive bumper has small air duct grilles from the rear brakes. There is also a carbon diffuser, into which 4 diamond-shaped exhaust pipes are elegantly inserted. In general, a cool "back".

Compartment Sizes:

length - 4750 mm;

width - 1877 mm;

height - 1400 mm;

the wheelbase - 2840 mm.


The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 2019-2020 gas engine is a 4-liter engine with 8 cylinders and a V-shaped distribution. There is also turbocharging, which allows you to achieve 476 horsepower and 4 seconds to a hundred. The maximum speed is electronically limited at 250 km/h. At the same time, if you want to drive quietly, that is, use a car every day, then you will need only 12 liters of fuel.

The S version has a more powerful engine, it is exactly the same, it still has 2 turbines, but the power has increased by 510 horses. The dynamics also got better, but it's almost imperceptible - 3.9 seconds to a hundred. The expense at the same time remained the same.

The units are paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The suspension here is completely independent. It is rigid, which allows the model to be perfectly controlled, and perfectly pass turns.


The interior of the car practically does not differ from the usual C-Class, the main difference is the "AMG" nameplates throughout the car. The interior is sheathed in leather. Despite the fact that this is a sports car, it is comfortable. It has climate control, electric seat adjustments in many directions, and so on.

Multi steering wheel, behind which there is a dashboard with a speedometer and a tachometer between which there is an on-board computer, on which the same thing can be displayed as is displayed on the display of the multimedia system. The minus of the interior is the display of the multimedia system - the display itself and the multimedia itself are good, but the display is installed so that it seems that this is a tablet installed by the owner of the model.

There is a good trunk here, which has a volume of 400 liters, which again suggests that the model can be used as the main car.

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