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22 Feb
posted: 22/02/2023


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The R nineT family received an updated Euro 5 engine, a new rear shock, and a range of new optional components to customize the Option 719 series. The 2021 lineup consists of four models: R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Scrambler and R nineT Urban G/S. The R nineT Racer has unfortunately been dropped from the range.

Specifications of the BMW R Nine T

BMW designers have never looked for easy ways. This bike was no exception, despite the fact that there are really few electronics in it. In a space frame consisting of 4 sections, they placed a 2-cylinder air-oil-cooled boxer engine. The same motor was installed, for example, on the R 1200 GS model until it acquired liquid cooling as a result of modernization. The decision to make one of the parts of the frame removable looks interesting - its dismantling allows you to convert the BMW R Nine T motorcycle into a single-seat one, if style is more important to someone than practicality and the ability to take a passenger on board.

The engine produces 110 hp. and 119 Nm of torque - this is more than enough for a seat-breaking acceleration. The dynamics of the motorcycle really do not occupy - it picks up speed very quickly, accelerating to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, which is comparable to the results of 1-liter sportbikes. The gearbox has 6 steps, and the cardan transmits torque to the rear wheel. The BMW R Nine T comes from its brother, the BMW S1000 RR sportbike, an inverted “telescope” with 46mm feathers. At the back, they installed the Paralever pendulum, which has already proven itself on other R-series models, however, placing it on the left, not on the right.

All modifications, regardless of configuration, are equipped with an ABS system. The brakes are also borrowed from the R-series - two 320mm discs in the front with 4-piston radial calipers and a 265mm disc with 2-piston caliper in the rear. The motorcycle stops really abruptly, so the decision to equip it with ABS was definitely the right one, no matter what the opponents of having this system on motorcycles say. The maximum speed of the BMW R Nine T is 225 km/h, but the rider will begin to noticeably blow off the seat long before it is reached. The gas tank holds 18 liters, and fuel consumption is about 5.5 liters at a speed of 110 km/h.

BMW R nine T Racer

Such a class of motorcycles as a scrambler was born at the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. Its first representatives were a purely urban bike, light and maneuverable, but at the same time adapted for movement on bad asphalt due to weight reduction and suspension upgrades. The Bavarians from BMW decided to turn to the roots and rolled out the R Nine T motorcycle to the public.

However, it can rather be called a neo-scrambler, as it is a modern adaptation of the classics. By the way, it was the scramblers that served as the prototypes for the dual-use motorcycles that became widespread later, but they were never intended for off-road driving. BMW R Nine T is no exception - its element is asphalt. Preferably a good one. It looks more like a stylish urban dandy with a retro touch than those motorcycles that were called scramblers in the 60s of the last century. However, this is by no means a drawback - the Bavarians managed to weave together the old style and new technologies.

In recent years, the hallmark of BMW two-wheeled vehicles has been their technical excellence. The designers seem to be trying to cram all the achievements of modern science into their offspring and turn the motorcycle into a kind of monster stuffed with electronics. And, it should be noted, not all fans of the brand approve of this path - many of them complain about the excessive complexity of the design. Few people smile at the idea of getting stuck somewhere a couple of thousand kilometers from home if some secondary sensor fails, and the motorcycle’s on-board computer categorically declares “That’s it, kaput, take me to the dealer.” Therefore, this model has become a kind of nod to the fans of the “old school BMW” - a maximum of unique style, a minimum of technological innovation. Looking ahead, let's say that the model turned out to be at least very interesting, and deserved good customer reviews, despite the objectively high price.

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