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04 Jun
posted: 04/06/2024


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What a great appearance! The car flow parts itself only when it sees this vertical fortress wall with the loopholes of narrow headlights.

Still on frame, the Escalade is built on the same fresh GM T1 platform as the new Chevrolet Tahoe. And the Caddy is its premium crown. Compared to the previous K2 architecture, the frame consists of 80% high-strength steel and is therefore 40 kg lighter and 10% more torsionally rigid. In addition, the upper arms of the front independent double wishbone, as well as the hood and doors, are made of aluminum - in total, the Escalade has lost more than a hundredweight, despite the impressive increase in size (plus almost 17 cm in length).

However, despite the commonality of the platform, the only thing that outwardly has the Escalade and Tahoe in common is the optional power folding step (you can hardly call this wide step a step). And if Chevrolet is still pro-American, then Escalade is almost European inside! And the point is not only and not so much in the electronic selector of the “automatic” a la BMW instead of the Tahoe push-button remote control. And not in the absence of the traditional “American” adjustment of the pedal assembly. Besides the smell and feeling of luxury (leather, wood, aluminum - all natural), there is a cockpit feel.

The center console with climate control remote is pointed towards the driver. And the 38-inch OLED display seems to envelop you. Widescreen TV!

True, it is divided into zones and is perceived as usual. The 7.2-inch sector to the left of the steering wheel is just a block of buttons, albeit touch-sensitive ones. And at the same time there is also a panel of “service” information - for example, an on-board computer.

The 14-inch TV in a “donut hole” does not impress with either the beauty of its graphics or its information content. Exactly until you display an image from the front camera on it, on which navigation tips are superimposed. Of course, we also saw “augmented reality” in Mercedes. But in Cadillac it is not only supplemented, but also embellished: in 8K (ultra-high definition) format, even rickety huts look juicy and attractive.

Where it beats BMW, Mercedes and Audi is in passenger space. VIP riders on the second row benefit from not only “captain’s” chairs (a three-seater sofa is also possible), monitors and multi-zone climate control, but also a plus 125 mm wheelbase with a corresponding increase in knee room.

However, that's not all. After all, the rear multi-link replaced the continuous axle - and the absence of a “hump” under the axle on the frame side members made it possible to increase the space in the third row by as much as 40% due to a different arrangement of folding seats. Now these are full-fledged places for adults. And the increase in luggage volume is even more significant: plus 68%, 722 liters are now available for luggage (when loaded under the ceiling).

But Cadillac, in addition to the standard one, also has a traditional extended bus version of the ESV, where a seven- or eight-seater cabin is also adjacent to a gigantic trunk with a capacity of more than a cubic meter.

The 416-horsepower gasoline unit, which is based on the famous small block from the distant 50s, has once again been improved. For greater efficiency, first of all. If previously no more than four cylinders were turned off with the help of hydraulic pushers, now at partial loads it can operate on two! In total, 17 fuel saving strategies are provided, in which two, four or six cylinders can be deactivated. Moreover, it happens without any damage to acoustic and vibration comfort.

The start-stop system and ten-speed automatic transmission, which Ford and GM jointly developed, are designed to contribute to efficiency.

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