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2023 Electric Polestar 2

18 Jun
posted: 18/06/2024

2023 Electric Polestar 2

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The Polestar 2 is an electric vehicle that combines the styling of a sedan, the practicality of a hatchback and the height of a crossover. Part of Volvo's EV subsidiary, this Polestar model comes with just one large battery pack and one electric motor to drive the front wheels - or two electric motors if you opt for the more powerful four-wheel-drive setup.

Electric Polestar 2 became more powerful and long-term liftbek. It has been seriously updated and received the next generation electric motors.

Updated Polestar liftback 2 received a new appearance in the spirit of the senior Polestar 3, new electric motors and traction batteries. Simple versions of the electric car now go with the drive to the rear axle and they accelerate to a hundred more quickly to a hundred than the pre-reform cars. The list of standard equipment has also been expanded. It includes wireless charging and several electronic assistants. In Europe, the most affordable Polestar 2 costs 50 thousand euros.

Visually, the restyled Polestar 2 can be distinguished from the predecessor by a plug of Smartzone with a radar and a camera in the place of the “mouth” of the radiator lattice. For the first time, this element appeared on the Precept concept, and the Polestar crossover 3. The design of 20-inch forged wheels from the Performance Pack set has also changed from serial models. But all the other innovations came on an electric “filling”.

The updated liftback uses the next generation engines and inverters. At the same time, the initial versions, by analogy with the XC40 and C40 RECHARGE, became rear-wheel drive. Their power increased from 170 to 220 kilowatts (from 231 to 299 hp), and the torque - from 330 to 490 nm.

As a result, the acceleration time to the "hundreds" (6.2 c) decreased by 1.2 seconds. Two-engine Polestar 2, in turn, not only increased the return, but also received a drive setting with a pronounced accent on the rear axle.

The combined capacity of their installation is now 310 kilowatts (422 hp) and 740 nm versus 300 kilowatts (408 hp) and 660 nm for pre-restyling electric carriers. But, as before, it can be lifted to 350 kilowatts, or 476 horsepower, using firmware.

The Polestar 2 Dual Motor accelerates from a place to a hundred in 4.5 seconds. With the Performance package, it will be 0.3 seconds faster.

New batteries are also attached to new engines: for standard versions - LG CHEM blocks with a capacity of 69 kilowat hours, for long-range Long Ranger - CATL batteries for 82 kilowat-hours (previously 78 kW).

The batteries support charging with a constant current with a capacity of up to 205 kilowatts and give a good increase to the range. For the two-engine Polestar 2, a mileage of 592 kilometers (+105 km) is declared, for monopodists - 518 and 635 (+40 and+84 km, respectively) according to the WLTP cycle. The new batteries are less harmful to the environment: due to optimized internal chemistry, when they are produced – for 1.1 tons less of greenhouse gases enter the air than before.

Finally, the restyled Polestar 2 is “richer”. The system of monitoring of blind areas with the subregulation function, transverse traffic control, a system for preventing clashes when moving in reverse, as well as wireless charging for gadgets are standard for this version.

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