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5 things from online stores that will increase the level of comfort in the car to the maximum

15 Nov
posted: 15/11/2019

5 things from online stores that will increase the level of comfort in the car to the maximum

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It's nice when you spend a minimum of money and get the maximum benefit. The famous online stores, such as Chinese store Aliexpress, for example, can help us with this. We have selected the most interesting products, which at a low cost can significantly improve travel in the car.

1. Laser brake fog light for car

The car in front is sharply braking. Another one crashes into it from behind. Who's guilty? It is known who - the driver of the car which is behind, who could not keep a safe distance.

Laser fog light is a simple and affordable device for every motorist, which improves traffic safety. Your car will become noticeable to other drivers in the dark during bad weather.

How does the brake fog light work?

The device projects a clear red line onto the road behind your car. This line is clearly visible to other cars, so drivers will not cross the distance. Do not think that the product will let you down. The less visible the road is and the worse the weather is, the brighter the line will be. If foggy weather prevails on the street, the scattered laser beam will create a bright triangle behind your vehicle, preventing other cars from approaching.

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2. Illumination of the ignition switch

A simple sticker around the lock does not require any connection to the mains. It collects daylight and gives it away at night. Such a trifle will make it easy to find the ignition in a dark car interior at night.

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3. Phone holders

A Car phone holder is an incredibly useful bit of kit, allowing you to use your phone as a navigation system, entertainment center, and hands-free communication device. They allow you to secure your smartphone to the dashboard or windshield of your car, keeping it in place whilst you travel. Not only do these keep your device safe, it could also prevent you from breaking the law. 16 US states, including D.C and Puerto Rico, have now banned the hand-held use of cell phones.

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4. Rubbish bin

The rubbish bin in a car is really a very useful thing. It allows you to maintain cleanliness in the cabin without even thinking about it. And it looks like part of the interior, comfortably fitting into a standard bottle pocket on the door.

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5. Seat covers

Car seat covers are an additional coating on its surface. They are made of various materials using different, including high, technologies and are used by motorists for various purposes.

The first thing that comes to mind about the purpose of using seat covers is the protective function for the seats, especially if they are made of expensive material. Indeed, many drivers like clean interior and dirty worn seats do not suit them. Therefore, especially if you have to carry passengers often, the seat covers made of material that can be easily and quickly cleaned are just necessary.

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