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ALFA ROMEO GIULIA 2018: cute "exotic"

21 Feb
posted: 21/02/2021

ALFA ROMEO GIULIA 2018: cute "exotic"

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The new model is a premium sedan that features both a bright appearance and a perfectly executed interior. Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 will also win everyone over with its technical data, which here, by the way, are on a par with many sports cars.


One of the several trump cards of the car is the exterior. It was really a success, as the model combines both conciseness and aggression. The front part turned out to be quite smooth, the hood is only slightly embellished with a relief in the form of a protrusion in the center. The bumper and body kit are a single unit and include three air intakes - the company's triangular in the center and two rectangular on the sides, located slightly closer to the edge.

Also, a beautiful view of the car is achieved thanks to the massive sharp-angle optics, filled with either LEDs or xenon. The side of the car changed quite slightly. Here, the restyling brought only new, more functional mirrors, a sporty-looking skirt and a small recess on the doors just below the handles.

The rear bumper is beautiful. The new body here also perfectly combines aggression and a representative look. It all starts with a small trunk, the lid of which at the end slightly protrudes in the form of an aerodynamic wing. Then there is the same sharp and long optics as in the front, with high-quality equipment, and everything ends with a massive body kit, from which two wide exhaust pipes stick out.


The interior of the car is very comfortable. Everything here is aimed at improving the driving experience for both the driver and passengers. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia of the 2018 model year is finished with first-class leather, a little wood and metals. The center console is dominated by an interesting-looking multimedia monitor, with which almost all the functionality available in the car is activated and configured. Below it, there is a row of deflectors, and even lower – a small panel with the settings of the climate system.

The tunnel is connected directly to the torpedo. This is done by using a hole for wireless charging of gadgets, hidden under the flap. The tunnel itself is quite wide and high-set. There you can find a huge variety of all kinds of comfort elements - from cup holders and holes for things to a multifunctional armrest with a refrigeration unit. In the very center there is a gearbox selector and a pair of washers for selecting the driving mode.

The steering wheel seems unrealistically thin, with both the steering wheel and the spokes. But even a small width did not prevent the designers from stuffing a certain number of buttons here, which are responsible for configuring the operation of the car's functionality. The dashboard with the devices also impresses. It takes up quite a lot of space. On the edges of it, there are semicircular visors, under which the main sensors are hidden – a speedometer with a tachometer. The rest of the space between them is filled with the monitor of the multifunctional on-board computer.

The chairs are made of fine leather and are very soft. Thanks to the division into several parts that can be adjusted independently of each other, the seats will provide the maximum level of comfort for each passenger. Also, heating with ventilation are also provided. The second row is also beautiful, but it is designed for only two people.

Technical specifications

A number of power plants that are put on the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 are quite diverse. There are both economical engines and a daring option, the characteristics of which can shock many. It all starts with a petrol 2.0 engine, which produces 200 horsepower of power. Then there is already a diesel engine, capable of producing only 150 or 180 forces. The top of all is a three-liter device that develops 510 forces. A test drive showed that this modification is able to accelerate to a hundred in just 3.9 seconds. Together with all the engines, an eight-speed robotic box is installed, but for the gasoline 2.0, you can also choose a six-speed manual one. All forces are transferred to the rear axle.

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