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Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2020 - a new version of the Veloce Ti crossover

13 Feb
posted: 13/02/2023

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2020 - a new version of the Veloce Ti crossover

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The Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossover, created on the basis of the Giulia passenger model, has recently been restyled. The interior electronics have been updated, which has been brought to the modern level required by the market, the interior design has improved, the most expensive version of the car, the Quadrifoglio version, has especially blossomed.

But not everyone can afford such machines with an engine power of more than 500 hp, many would not mind limiting themselves to a slightly less sporty version, but having about the same catchy design. The Stelvio Veloce Ti became such an offer.


The 2020 model has a set of trim elements that make it look significantly more expensive and presentable. Most of the changes are in the rear of the car. New bumper and diffuser enhance the status of the machine without adding power and chassis durability.

The profile has also changed, mainly due to the use of new 21-inch wheels with a rich black design.

The glazing has a factory tint, accentuated by the dimming of the door frames. Even the mirror housings are no longer painted in body color, remaining black. Since the Alfa Romeo brand itself already denotes sportiness, they did not make other, more radical decisions in the exterior design.

Interior and equipment

The Veloce Ti modification has more differences from the base models inside the cabin. First of all, noise isolation has improved, this effect, when almost nothing is heard in a sports car, except for a pleasant sound from a powerful engine, is well known to Italian engineers. Even the windows are made of multilayer, as in executive sedans.

The multimedia display, although it does not have a record dimension, but even its 9 inches now convey to the driver much more information about the sports components of the car. Previously, this set of applications was available only in the top Quadrifoglio.

The section of the soft rim of the steering wheel has been increased, a clear tactility has been added to other controls. Finishing corresponds to the level of sports cars, leather, alcantara, carbon fiber “racing” inserts are used. There are also many dark shades here, the roof is trimmed in black.

Electronic driver assistance systems have undergone a radical upgrade, which has been called the second level. This is a large set of lane keeping assistants, adaptive cruise control, sign recognition and traffic information, and an advanced navigation system.

It has little to do with sportiness, but it is extremely convenient, and most importantly, it was first used on Alfa Romeo cars, which have a reputation as a driver's car, but not always outstanding in all other manifestations.


The engines don't dazzle like the Quadrifoglio sports car, but they do outperform many other crossovers. You can choose from a gasoline engine with a return of 280 hp, of course, a turbocharged or economical, but powerful enough diesel engine of 210 hp.

Any owner will also be satisfied with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive transmission. No compromises in the form of front-wheel drive modifications, this is not the Alfa Romeo crossover. At the same time, all conceivable environmental standards, existing and prospective, are provided.

The dynamics are quite decent, the car accelerates to hundreds in 5.7 seconds, the maximum speed is 230 km/h.

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