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BMW 2018i 430 Coupe - makes grand touring right

05 Sep
posted: 05/09/2023

BMW 2018i 430 Coupe - makes grand touring right

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Recently, automakers have been conducting various experiments with body types, each time more and more confusing buyers. Well, BMW are real masters of this business! The next fruit of their labors was the BMW 4-series Gran Coupe (which debuted in early March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show).

In January 2017, the Bavarian five-door went through a light restyling, the main innovations of which were LED headlights (available as an option), fog lights and lights. However, the improvements were not limited to this: more varnished surfaces, chrome and combinations of finishing materials were added to the interior of the car, its list of options was replenished with new items, and the suspension was given more stringent settings.

The car is designed for those who want to get simultaneously a "dynamic coupe silhouette" and a certain "liftback practicality" ... So what kind of car is this? In fact, the "Gran Coupe" is a five-door version of the two-door "4-series". However, from a technical point of view, this car can definitely be called a five-door liftback, which has frameless side windows.


We must admit that the BMW 4 Gran Coupe looks stylish, attractive and dynamic. The front of the car is endowed with branded “nostrils” of a false radiator grille, neatly shaped lighting equipment, as well as an exquisite bumper with integrated fog lights.

The rear of the BMW 4 Gran Coupe is generally reminiscent of the 6 Series Coupe in its layout. The rear of the liftback flaunts a powerful bumper with twin exhaust pipes, massive L-shaped lights with an LED component, as well as a compact and neat trunk lid. Regardless of the viewing angle, the five-door "four" looks great! We can say that this "Gran Coupe" will suit those who require more individuality than in the case of a regular sedan, but at the same time, having only two doors for them is an unnecessarily hard compromise.

Well, as for specific numbers, this “Bavarian multi-door coupe” has the following dimensions: length - 4638 mm, height - 1389 mm, width - 1825 mm. The distance between the front and rear axle is 2810 mm, and the ground clearance is 130 mm. In curb form, the "Gran Coupe" weighs from 1505 to 1685 kg (depending on modification).


The interior of the car is made in the typical BMW style, and in its outlines it is immediately caught belonging to this brand. The dashboard looks simple, but in fact it is modern and functional - it provides the driver with a lot of useful and necessary information. The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel with paddle shifters provides a sporty driving experience and fits comfortably in your hands. The architecture of the front panel repeats that of both the BMW 4-series coupe and the BMW 3-series sedan. The center console is slightly turned towards the driver, which creates a feeling of a kind of "captain's bridge" and signals who is in charge in the car.

The main role on it is assigned to the 6.5-inch color display of the iDrive multimedia information complex, which contains many useful functions. Below, there are the control units for premium "music" and a dual-zone air conditioning system. There are no complaints about the ergonomics of the Quartet's internal space, as well as the quality of the materials used and assembly - they are at a high level. But in general, the interior design, made with German pedantry, is perceived as somewhat strict and boring, since the two-tone finishes enliven it somewhat.

The front seats in the BMW 4 Gran Coupe provide a high level of comfort for driver and passenger. Lateral support is well developed, the adjustment ranges are wide, and there is enough space in all directions. But you can’t say the same about the second row of seats - yes, there is plenty of space at the feet, but the sloping roofline puts pressure on the heads of riders whose height is above 175 cm. This is one of the disadvantages of cars in such a body.

The luggage compartment of the "four" Gran Coupe is roomy - its volume is 480 liters in the standard configuration, and with the rear seats folded down - 1300 liters.

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