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07 Nov
posted: 07/11/2023


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Lower the convertible top down for maximum driving pleasure in the BMW Z4 without any restrictions. Everything you'd expect from a roadster: relaxed, sporty and refined. With impressive driving dynamics and a progressive design, this car has only one goal: endless freedom of movement in the open air.

The BMW Z4 is a 2-door, 2-seater sports roadster from the German company BMW, produced since 2002. The third generation, introduced in 2018, has sold around the world over the past 4 years with a not very large circulation of 55 thousand copies. Moreover, almost half of the cars were sold in just two countries - Germany (26% of demand) and the USA (17%).

The BMW Z4 sDrive 30i provides a unique driving experience as a sports convertible. Despite the general trend of declining demand for sports convertibles, BMW still stays true to its formula, offering many of the features that make the Z4 an interesting car. Let's take a look at its design, interior, performance and other aspects.

Design and Exterior

The BMW Z4 sDrive 30i is a stylish and elegant convertible. Its design is attractive, with great lines and good looking details. It differs from many modern BMWs with its soft top roof, which makes it more attractive to buyers. I would especially like to note the Portimão blue paint, which gives the car a special charm.

The new BMW Z4 has been refreshed with a revised radiator grille, an expanded color palette and other exterior details. The design of the radiator grille was made in the form of recognizable branded “nostrils”: now it is not a chrome “mesh”, but large black cells. In addition, the design of the side air intakes in the front section has been slightly changed. The palette of body colors has been slightly expanded with 3 new options. The standard version was provided with new matte black wheels measuring 18 inches and supplemented with the M Sport body kit, which was previously reserved only for expensive modifications, and the Advantage and Sport Line packages were completely excluded from the range.

Interior and Comfort

The interior welcomes the driver with comfortable leather-trimmed and heated seats. The M-Sport steering wheel also provides comfort and functionality. However, it's worth noting that the infotainment system may seem dated, although it still does its job well. The Harman Kardon sound system adds to the music and audio experience.

Performance and Characteristics

The technical part did not change during the update. Three versions are still available:

The initial version of the BMW Z4 sDrive20i: 197-horsepower 2-liter turbo-four (maximum torque - 320 Nm) paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Medium version sDrive30i: 258-horsepower 2.0-liter turbo engine (400 Nm) complete with 8-speed automatic transmission.

The top version of the BMW M40i: a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine that produces 340 hp and 500 Nm (for US versions the power is boosted to 387 hp), paired only with an 8-band automatic transmission.

Controllability and Comfort

BMW got it right with the Z4's handling. The car holds the road perfectly and allows the driver to feel every bend. Even on rough roads, the Z4 remains comfortable, and its ability to open and close the top at a decent speed makes it suitable for a variety of situations.

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