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posted: 03/01/2022


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There are many forces acting on the car while driving. The main load falls on the suspension. As a result, fluctuations begin, and the car loses contact with the road for a short time, which leads to a deterioration in handling. To eliminate this factor, shock absorbers were added to the suspension structure.

The role of the shock absorber in the car is very important, so it is necessary to choose the right parts correctly. After all, no one is immune from breakdowns. And here are some important facts about shock absorbers.

Important knowledge

Worn out by more than half of the front shock absorbers are able to significantly extend the braking distance. Such a residual life of the part can lead to damage to other suspension elements. That is why it is important to monitor the condition of the shock absorbers.

Health check

With serviceable shock absorbers, those who are in the car do not feel shaking, vibrations when driving and do not hear noise. With the elements that have worked out, it becomes more problematic to ride: the smoothness of movement is disrupted, braking worsens, turns, descents and ascents are worse.

Problems with shock absorbers can be diagnosed by visual inspection. If there are oily spots on the racks or the case, then, most likely, it's time to go to the service. Another option is to rock the car. It is necessary to press several times at each corner; the car must return to its original position at a time. If the car continues to swing and a knock is heard, then you also need to contact the master.

Types of shock absorbers

Classification of these elements takes place according to three criteria:

Design: there are single- and double-tube shock absorbers;

Working medium: oil or gas and oil;

Regulation: non-adjustable, with manual adjustment, without adjustment;

Location: rear, front, left and right.

Advantages and disadvantages of a two-tube shock absorber

Such units have two pipes of circular cross-section. One of them has oil and a piston connected to the rod suspension lever. It is located in another larger pipe that is filled with air or gas. The advantage of such shock absorbers is budget, small dimensions, efficiency under simple operating conditions. Among the disadvantages there are problems with cooling.

Pros and cons of single-tube shock absorbers

In the cylinder of such a shock absorber there is oil and gas, which are separated by a piston. This is a more complex part design. The advantages are good cooling and quick reaction. But the susceptibility to mechanical damage is a disadvantage of such a shock absorber.

Hydraulic shock absorbers: their advantages and disadvantages

This design provides for two pipes in which the working medium is oil and air. The advantages of such shock absorbers are the price, compactness, efficiency, and resistance to mechanical damage. If to speak about the minuses, we can note a poor heat sink (on uneven roads, they can boil) and aeration.

Pros and cons of hydropneumatic shock absorbers

These are combined shock absorbers with a two-tube design. There is nitrogen in the outer cylinder, which keeps the piston spring-loaded. Their advantage is efficiency, compactness, resistance to damage. The problem is that nitrogen can eventually evaporate, leaving the cylinder empty.

What else you need to know

There is also other important information about shock absorbers for motorists:

  • Serviceable shock absorbers can extend the service life of the entire car;
  • When choosing a shock absorber, you first need to start from the recommendations of the car manufacturer;
  • Shock absorbers need to be changed only in pairs.