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Forget in the future: things that will soon disappear from cars

02 Aug
posted: 02/08/2019

Forget in the future: things that will soon disappear from cars

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Do you know how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class differs from the cars of our faraway past? S-Class cannot be started with a “bent starter”. After all, the manufacturers stopped completing machines with such a system in the late 70s. In addition to the “manual engine start system”, there were a whole bunch of different things in the cars of the past that, with the development of the automotive industry, became simply not needed. But progress does not stand still, and this means that much of what we are used to in modern cars will also disappear soon. What will it be?

1. Side mirrors

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What can be done with rear-view mirrors? After all, they are like a hammer - simple and cheap, while perfectly performing their function. Apparently, Lexus engineers are ready to argue with this, because in 2018 they rolled out the new Lexus ES. It became the world's first production car with cameras instead of rear-view mirrors. This has become possible, among other things, due to the fact that in June 2016 the movement of such cars on public roads was allowed in Japan. Nevertheless, ES will travel to other countries with ordinary mirrors.

According to engineers, such a system provides a better picture than conventional mirrors do, especially in conditions of poor visibility - in the rain and at night. The cameras provide a wider viewing angle and have virtually no dead zones. And thanks to the small area of the cameras, the use of such a system means an improvement in aerodynamics, which means lower consumption (insignificant) and a decrease in noise from the wind at high speed (substantially).

There is an impressive list of advantages of cameras, and perhaps the only one drawback - their price. Of course, it will be getting lower every year, but it is unlikely that someday the cameras will become cheaper than a piece of plastic and a small mirror in it. But it seems that the automakers made their choice, and the widespread appearance of such systems in the near future looks quite real.

2. Manual glass windows

Well, everything is clear with them, and you’ll rarely see them today. But still, we are waiting for their complete disappearance.

3. Car radio

Oh, this romance of the old days. If in your own car, you can turn on your favorite music - you are the master of your life. But friends, forget about it. New cars are beginning to look more and more like smartphones on wheels - you can even call from them. And there is no place for the car radio in the traditional sense of the word.

4. Keys

The invention of an electric starter which is driven by a key was a breakthrough in the automotive industry. It is simple, it is convenient. Nevertheless, modern cars can recognize the owner of the car in an approaching person, open the door without a key and start the engine with a button. This, of course, is cool; it’s only a shame that many automakers put the priority not in the car as an engineering product, but how much this product complies with the laws of the market.

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5. Mechanical buttons, selectors and washers

In the age of digital technology - these technologies occupy more and more space in our lives. So, already today in Tesla cars there is not a single hard button. They are replaced by a huge display on the dashboard. Other manufacturers also have a tendency to move to touch panels. It turns out that in an ideal car of the future there should be only one display that controls all the systems of the car. It may not be very convenient, but stylish ... and cheap.

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