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Genesis G80 2019

12 Apr
posted: 12/04/2022

Genesis G80 2019

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Hyundai cars are quite famous all over the world, but speaking of the Genesis brand, luxury cars with excellent equipment and parameters immediately come to mind. The manufacturer offers a choice of both a compact sedan and a business class, but it is worth noting the golden mean Genesis G80 2017-2019.

The exterior of the Genesis G80 sedan

The 2017-2019 Genesis G80 car belongs to the business class, so you should not expect a simple set and modest features. The novelty truly looks attractive and can surprise with many details. The difference between the Genesis G80 2018 and other counterparts is quite easy to find out, although the model is made in the style of the manufacturer, the front end is completely different.

The front of the new Genesis G80 2018-2019 is unique in its own way and is not much like a brethren. The very center of the front end is reserved for a huge radiator grille with chrome trim and horizontal slats. A decorative panel was installed in the center of the radiator grille, with imitating horizontal chrome strips. Behind it, the designers hid the most modern security systems, sensors and sensors, thereby minimizing their location at the bottom of the bumper.

There are many advantages in this design, in case the driver damages the bumper, most of the security systems will remain intact, and there will be no need to change the sensors. The front optics of the new Genesis G80 2018-2019 is open and large, in comparison with other business class cars. Many say that the similarity with Mercedes-Benz is true. Along the contour of the optics, LED running lights are installed, and the optics themselves are divided into two lenses for high and low beams. Despite the attitude of the Genesis G80 2018-2019 to the business class, the engineers saved a little on optics. According to the standard, it is adaptive, but depending on the configuration, it will be based on xenon or LED elements.

Speaking in summary about the appearance of the Genesis G80 2017-2019, it is rather a combination of a sports sedan with a business class car. Designers combined modern features as much as possible, adding a bit of sporty style and strict lines around the perimeter. A small minus is that the variety of exterior options is minimal, which means there will be no special differences between the Genesis G80 2017-2019 trim levels.

The interior of the Genesis G80 sedan

Comparing the interior design with the models already presented, it most of all resembles the older brother Genesis G90 2017. The same arrangement of design elements and the same style of the central tunnel. The front panel is peculiarly divided into three main levels, and the very top of the console is on the same level as the instrument panel. The luxury of the cabin is felt in every detail of the new Genesis G80, the designers used only natural materials, excluding plastic as much as possible.

The central part of the console is bright and stands out due to the 8″ (optional 9.2″) touch screen and two air ducts on the sides of the display. To decorate the end part of the panel, the designers used real wood, depending on the wishes of the buyer, it can be varnished or polished to a shine. The basis for the new multimedia Genesis G80 2018 simultaneously served as two Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, so the buyer will not need to puzzle over which system to choose or think through different situations in advance. The multimedia kit also includes a Wi-Fi access point and mobile communications based on 4G LTE.

The interior, especially the seats of the 2018-2019 Genesis G80 sedan, will differ slightly in trim levels. Starting from the basic configuration of the sedan, the adjustment drive is only electric, but the presence of a massage function and lumbar adjustment is available in the top versions of the Genesis G80 2018. On the side of the front passenger seat of the Genesis G80 2019, engineers have placed additional adjustment buttons. This is done in case the passenger behind needs more space or for another reason, for this you will not need to ask the driver or go to the front row.

The second row of seats Genesis G80 2018-2019 is designed to fit three passengers, as evidenced by three separate headrests on the back. The proportion of folding the second row seat is standard 60/40.

Specifications of the Genesis G80sedan

The characteristics and diversity of the new 2017-2019 Genesis G80 sedan is not to say that it is very modest, but not as diverse as Volvo's. All engines offered to the buyer are turbocharged, gasoline paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

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