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17 Jan
posted: 17/01/2023


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Cars of the Japanese automaker Honda in a certain period of time were very popular among buyers. However, the lack of timely updating of existing models and the gap between competitors in terms of equipping their cars left the automaker far behind. Restyling of 2019 Honda Passport is designed to remedy the situation. It is a medium-sized crossover that allows outdoor enthusiasts to easily get to the right places. The car received a serious upgrade in appearance, interior quality and improved its performance.


The base and only engine for the 2019 Honda Passport is a classic aspirated petrol one. It is equipped with a volume of 3.5 liters and a capacity of 280 horsepower. Its dynamic performance is as follows. Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle is 12.7 liters. The maximum speed that a car with such a unit can develop is 180 kilometers per hour.

By default, the power plant is paired with an automatic transmission that operates in 9 ranges. As an option, the buyer can order a six-speed manual transmission.

You can also optionally purchase an all-wheel drive 2019 Honda Passport. Initially, the car is provided with front-wheel drive. Model suspensions vary. An independent suspension with MacPherson struts is installed at the front, and an independent multi-link is offered at the rear. The brake system of the front axle is represented by ventilated discs; the rear axle is equipped with conventional discs that are not ventilated.


The exterior of the 2019 Honda Passport is very much reminiscent of the Honda Pilot, however, with a seriously modified rear end. The front part is represented by a massive hood cover, which is decorated with four embossed stripes. The hood itself has a slight slope in relation to the ground surface.

The windshield has not undergone major changes. It is still huge and offers the driver an excellent view. It can be heated in the windshield wiper rest area in the basic version and around the entire perimeter in the maximum configuration.

Below it, there is a radiator grill, which is complemented by a large mesh insert. In the center, there is a corporate emblem of the automaker. The head optics has the shape of a quadrangle and is filled with LED lights. A little lower on the body kit, the designers have provided another air intake system, which is responsible for air ventilation in the engine compartment and in the area of the front brake system.

Fog lights are located on the body kit of the front bumper. The body kit itself is reinforced with a plastic lining that protects it from damage. The profile part of the Honda Passport 2019 is very much like its older brother. Here you can see huge windows and rear-view mirrors equipped with turn signal repeaters.

On the body, there is a lot of relief and stampings that are present on the doors and fenders of the car. The roof is sloping and has a bevel towards the rear of the crossover. The rear part is represented by a wide luggage compartment lid. There is a fairly large glass through which a good overview of what is happening behind the car opens. The rear bumper is complemented by fog lights, a diffuser and exhaust outlets.

Interior decoration elements of the highest quality - high-quality plastic, high-quality leather and fabric. The center console is represented by a large display of the multimedia system, which can be from 5 to 8 inches in size, depending on the selected configuration. There are also deflectors for air supply, a control unit for climate control and a heating system for the cold season, an engine start button, connectors for connecting external devices.

The central tunnel is represented by a gear selector, cup holders, a compartment that is covered with a curtain. Designers did not provide only an armrest with an additional box for this design.

Crossover is a five-seater. This was probably done in order to dilute the novelty and the Honda Pilot on the market. Seats are available in fabric or leather. They are filled with soft material, and therefore it will be pleasant to move on them even for long distances.

The front row of seats is equipped with good lateral support, has heating and ventilation, it is possible to adjust their position in mechanical or electronic mode. The second row is no less comfortable. For the convenience of passengers, additional air ducts and a socket are provided here. Three passengers will fit on the sofa, since the dimensions of the car allow this to be done with ease.

The car does not have a third row of seats. The buyer is given the right to choose one of 4 color options to personalize the car. The volume of the luggage compartment varies from 1167 liters to 2205 liters. Here you can place and securely secure any cargo.

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