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How to take care of a black car?

19 Jul
posted: 19/07/2019

How to take care of a black car?

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It is well known that the black color of the car is the most problematic one. The owner of such a car needs to properly wash the body, protecting the paintwork from scratches, chips and other damage. 

It may seem to many car owners that there will be no pollution on the black body, therefore, it will not be necessary to wash such a car often. Indeed, black is a brutal, strict and status color, but most of the car owners consider it to be the most problematic.

In the summer, during the active operation of such a car, its owner will be constantly struggling with the dust, which will be perfectly visible on black body panels. You will also need to remember that on the body there will appear numerous small micro-scratches, which are perfectly noticeable on a black background under sunlight. Another characteristic problem of such black cars is their heating in the sun.

To solve all these problems, the car owner will need to properly care for his or her car, regularly wash the car, and conduct annual polishing of the body, use special protective pastes and polishes, which guarantee the long-term preservation of the original appearance of the black body panels.

Proper washing and polishing

Any manipulations with brushes and rags will invariably lead to the appearance of numerous micro-damages on the body; the color will lose its brightness and will become dull. Therefore, it is recommended to forget about the possibility of self-washing, addressing exclusively the professionals who clean the car from pollution using special chemistry.

After washing, the body should be wiped with a special microfiber cloth, which perfectly absorbs the moisture. It is forbidden to wipe the dusty dirty body with a dry cloth, which invariably damages the paint layer. The car owner will need to, if he or she plans to wash the car himself/herself, carefully choose a car shampoo, which, without using a sponge, will eliminate all existing pollution.

Another feature of the black body is the fact that after polishing the so-called holograms can be noticeable on the surface. Experienced masters know about this feature and perform all the work correctly and efficiently, which allows achieving complete absence of such holograms on the car. While not very experienced craftsmen can polish a car badly, as a result, you will have to redo such work, and this is already an extra expense on the part of the car owner.

Use of high-quality car chemicals

Proper care of the car in black will involve the use of high-quality car chemicals. With the help of all sorts of shampoos, polishes and protective compositions, it is possible to maintain the beauty of the car for a long time, while significantly simplifying the care of the car body. But if the car owner saves on such auto-chemistry, then the car literally after a few years loses the shining and, at the same time, it will be no longer possible to return the former beauty even by deep polishing.

The car chemicals should be bought exclusively from well-proven manufacturers. Moreover, you can acquire all sorts of products and polishes only in specialized stores, where the buyer will be confident in the quality and originality of such products.

Let's sum it up

 The preservation of the black car of its original appearance will largely depend on how well the car owner cares of the body. For such work, you will need to use special polishes, shampoos and protective compositions that protect the paint layer from burning out in the sun, the appearance of numerous micro-scratches and chips on the surface. It must be remembered that only contactless washing is allowed, otherwise there is a risk of damage to the car body and of the numerous strains and minor damages appearance on its surface.