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The largest and most unusual BMW - BMW X7 40i xDrive

09 Nov
posted: 09/11/2022

The largest and most unusual BMW - BMW X7 40i xDrive

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Size matters? Of course it does! At least that's what automakers say. Each new generation of various models is usually larger than its predecessors, and the mania for size and roominess at some point became the basis for the development of new cars. A great example is the BMW X7, a brand new car for people who think the X5 and X6 cars are "too small" and "too banal".

The BMW X7 is a car that is a perfect example of changing automotive trends. When the first BMW X5 debuted in 1999, it was the Bavarian brand's only sports and off-road vehicle. Now, 20 years later, the X7 has arrived and is the seventh member of the X family. The seventh and largest. BMW X7 is a typical "boss of all bosses".


The new German SUV, or rather SAV, because that's how BMW describes it, is a really huge car. X7 has a length of 5151 mm and a width of 2000 mm. The height, which is 1805 mm, does not seem very large. However, thanks to this height, the X7 can park without problems in most garages with fairly low gates. The relatively low height, combined with a significant width and length of the body, has a positive effect on the overall silhouette.

The biggest controversy among fans of the brand is on the front of the body. All thanks to the huge grille. If you're looking for the definition of megalomania, you don't need to search Wikipedia. Just look at the front nostrils of the BMW X7.

The profile of the car looks decent. Impressive shape, huge 22-inch wheels. By the way, a set of winter tires in size 275/40/R22 costs the same as some used cars.


Do large body dimensions go hand in hand with interior space? Yes! Three times yes, because each of the three rows of seats offers a lot of comfort and luxury. X7 can be 6 or 7 seater. It all depends on the needs and requests of the owner. Of course, this decision should be considered when buying, and the ability to choose the configuration of the car's interior provides a big, bold plus for the Bavarian manufacturer.

The standard 7-seat version has a 3-seat sofa in the back. Behind him are two armchairs that will accommodate even adults, not to mention children. In the 6-seat version, two separate seats in the second row. Captain's chairs are equipped with armrests and adjustments in different planes. Two separate second-row seats provide unimaginable comfort on every journey. Moreover, on the backs of the front seats there can be two monitors that act as an entertainment center. The ideal solution not only for children, but also for adults.

The fact that each of the six seats is fully electric is also impressive. You do not have to strain to unfold the seats of the second or third row. Just click the appropriate button. The rear door also has electric adjustments both at the top and at the bottom. Yes, they both open and close with a button. And since we are talking about the trunk ...

With full use of passenger space, 326 liters of luggage space are available. When the seats in the last row are folded down, the volume of the luggage compartment increases to 725 liters! The disadvantage is the loading height, but such is the fate of a tall and large car. Although, thanks to the air suspension, the X7 can drop a little lower.

Fast, powerful and comfortable

Standard for every version of the BMW SAV is xDrive and the Steptronic automatic transmission. This is the perfect tandem. And when we add a 340 horsepower petrol engine to this kit, we have the perfect trio.

The base petrol unit accelerates to the first 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. The maximum speed is 245 km/h. We would like to emphasize that we are dealing with an empty car with not the most excellent aerodynamics, weighing 2320 kg. The thrust of the engine and the desire to gain more and more speed are impressive. The dynamic driving of the BMW X7 is enjoyable and, more importantly, possible. But why cheat? A 5-meter SUV will not break speed records. We can't fool physics, but experts from Munich have done everything to do it.

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