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06 Mar
posted: 06/03/2024


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This is the end of the line of iconic v-8 muscle car that was discontinued with the Chrysler 300 at the late of December 2023 in Brampton, Ontario.

The end has come for three of the most iconic muscle cars of the 2000s. After an extensive farewell tour that included a special edition model, the last 2023 Dodge Charger and Challenger rolled off the assembly line at the Stellantis plant. The latest models were released in the Canadian city of Brampton on December 22. The news was first reported by Automotive News Canada and confirmed by a Dodge spokesperson. The last Chrysler 300 had left the assembly line just two days earlier.

For many car fans, the end of production of these models means the end of an era in the automotive industry. These cars have become symbols of the American automobile industry and have gained immense popularity due to their powerful design and high dynamic performance.


The last Charger was a widebody Scat Pack model finished in Destroyer Gray, and the last Challenger was an SRT Demon 170 in Pitch Black.

The L platform, which underpins all three American muscle cars, was first introduced in the 2005 model year with the Chrysler 300. The Chrysler 300 went on to become a legend in the hip-hop scene, appearing in numerous music videos and being featured in dozens of songs. It was beloved for its looks, which combined Bentley-esque decadence with confident, American gangster swagger.

In 2006, the Dodge Charger appeared, and in 2008 - the Challenger. Both rear-wheel-drive cars brought V8 power to the masses, becoming the centerpiece of buzzy drift videos thanks to their 5.7-liter HEMI engines. The Dodge duo became even more legendary with the introduction of the SRT Hellcat models, which came with a 2015 facelift. The Hellcat's 6.2-liter supercharged V8s produced an ominous growl and produced more than 700 horsepower.

Although the Chrysler 300 didn't get the Hellcat engine, it made a splash with its 6.4-liter HEMI engine producing 485 hp. in the 2023 300C version. The Charger and Challenger celebrated their send-off even more loudly by releasing a series of “Last Call” special models. The culmination was the Challenger SRT Demon 170, capable of producing up to 1,025 horsepower on E85 gasoline.


The Brampton plant will undergo a refurbishment over the next two years. Will install a new paint shop and stamping lines. At the end of 2025, the plant will begin production of the next version of the Jeep Compass, as well as future vehicles that will be based on the STLA Medium platform. These will include both internal combustion engines and electric power units.

The successor to the Charger and Challenger, which is expected to be combined into one model represented by the Charger Daytona SRT concept, will be produced nearby at the Canadian assembly plant in Windsor. Two- and four-door versions are likely, and the electric powertrains will be joined by Stellantis' latest Hurricane inline-six engine, which produces up to 510 horsepower in today's Jeep and Ram vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Chrysler 300 won't have a direct replacement as the moribund brand prepares an electric resuscitation with a series of new electric vehicles in the next few years. This decision reflects general trends in the automotive industry, which is actively switching to electric engines.

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