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Mazda 3 2020 - an urban novelty that has pushed the well-known hatchbacks and sedans

01 Jun
posted: 01/06/2021

Mazda 3 2020 - an urban novelty that has pushed the well-known hatchbacks and sedans

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The updated Mazda 3 2020 model year was introduced last year and has already gone on sale in three versions. Technical characteristics allow us to regard the novelty as a serious rival for analogues: 1.5- and 2.0-liter engines with a capacity of 120 and 150 hp, respectively, are supported by a 1.8-liter diesel engine with 116 hp.

The new Mazda 3 2020 received an expressive new body. The model is offered in the hatchback and sedan body.

Technical specifications

The new generation is based on a redesigned chassis. The front strut is made according to the McPherson type, and the rear is represented by a semi-independent beam, which replaced the multi-link design. The manufacturer claims that the design changes did not worsen the handling of the car, the smoothness of the ride was preserved. The car perfectly softens small bumps. The power structure is reinforced by a third due to the high-strength materials used to create the body.

In addition, the manufacturer has improved the sound insulation, to which earlier buyers had serious complaints. At the same time, Mazda 3 received a double floor, which, together with the inner lining, more strongly dampens the noise. This method of suppression is used extremely rarely; it can safely be classified as radical.


The new model appeared with massive rear pillars and a prominent spoiler on the rear door. In the salon, everything corresponds to the brand's minimalism. They continue to perform models in support of the main slogan, which is translated as "The less – the better". Despite the minimalism, the quality of the finish evokes positive emotions, and the noise insulation of the novelty claims to be premium. There is no difference between the interior of a hatchback and a sedan. Both versions received a new steering wheel and a "dashboard", a visor and an 8.8-inch screen in the center. The climate control unit was reduced in size, and the deflectors stood on one line, which gave a reference to the Audi A4.


  • Drive

The minimum configuration of the Drive version cannot boast of an alternative to technical equipment. Only the 1.5-liter engine and manual transmission are available in this version. Here and subsequent models there is a front-wheel drive. The five-door has already received powerful lighting equipment in the basic version: rear fog lights, LED headlights with a washer and lights, light sensors. The side mirrors have turn repeaters and an electric drive, but are deprived of the possibility of heating. The steering column boasts a wide adjustment range. The engine start button is not the only luxury available to the driver, a multi-function display is installed in front of it. The interior is finished with fabric. The front and rear passengers received separate armrests, electric windows. For convenience and comfortable travel, there is air conditioning, radio, 8 speakers, MP3, USB and AUX. In the center there is an 8.8-inch screen that can be controlled with a joystick. But the most interesting thing is the appearance of the speedometer projection system.

  • Active

The Active configuration allows you to choose between a 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter engine for 120 and 150 hp. The transmission is only automatic. Starting with this configuration, the Mazda 3 2020 gets additional equipment:

  • climate control for two zones;
  • leather braid for the steering wheel;
  • cruise control;
  • heated front row seats;
  • electric heating for side mirrors;
  • keyless access (optional);
  • heated steering wheel (optional);
  • heated windshield (optional), etc.
  • Supreme

You can identify this version by the 18-inch wheels. Optionally, it is possible to install LED running lights. From the manufacturer, both the sedan and the hatchback get factory tinted. The driver's seats get lumbar support, electric drive, and memory for the driver's seat. The options presented in Active are transferred to the standard equipment. In the maximum assembly, a rear-view camera, auto-darkening of the interior mirror and parking sensors on the rear bumper are available. The main changes were identified in the security systems that are available for an additional fee:

  • adaptive road lighting;
  • adaptive "cruise”;
  • night-time pedestrian and sign recognition;
  • collision avoidance; compliance with lane keeping;
  • high beam control, etc.  GBChoice Company can offer you one of the representatives of this model. See details here: https://gbchoice.com/buy-car/2020-mazda-3-l