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New Infiniti Q60 2021-2022

10 Jan
posted: 10/01/2023

New Infiniti Q60 2021-2022

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The Detroit show in January 2016 was used by Infiniti to present its new coupe - a completely redesigned Infiniti Q60 2021-2022.

The car was originally shown a year earlier as a concept with the same name. The model has completely changed compared to its predecessor, there is not a single element reminiscent of the previous generation. New design, modified specifications, new interior, everything is new in the coupe.


As you can see, the model has visually changed completely. Another Nissan FM platform allowed for a much more aggressive design that evokes more emotion. The creators tried to make the Infiniti Q60 a classic sports car visually, that is, a long hood, swollen arches and low ground clearance.

The muzzle of the model was attached to the style of the brand; thus you can see a great similarity with the Q50 sedan. Here, you can see approximately similar narrow optics on a diode filling. Attracting attention is due to the large reliefs on the hood and a huge grille with chrome trim. There is a quite strongly curved bumper with a small block of fog lights.

On the side, we get a unique shape due to the thick C-pillar, slightly unusual shape. Also, the very deep stamping line along the upper part of the body is noteworthy. The extension of the rear wheel arch has unrealistic dimensions, there is also a chrome gill near the front arch. In general, the sidewall has too high aggression - it's cool!

The stern also received a common corporate identity, but with a greater width. Thus, we got proprietary LED optics with rounded edges. Particularly noteworthy is the rounded spoiler with a strong departure from the trunk lid, that is, the aerodynamic qualities of it are good.

Dimensions Infiniti Q60 2021-2022:

  • length - 4690 mm;
  • width - 1850 mm;
  • height - 1395 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2850 mm;
  • clearance - 125 mm;
  • wheels - R19.


The interior of the car has stepped further than even its brothers. The salon is much more modern, for example, the flagship - QX80. The quality of materials and build quality are top notch. Mostly leather is used, which is sheathed with sports seats, doors, dashboard, tunnel, almost everything. Lacquered plastic and high-quality wood are also used, for which you will have to pay extra.

There are 4 seats, in front there are excellent sports seats, regulated by electronic mechanism. At the back, two places are made for show, you can put people there, but they will be extremely uncomfortable there. The front row, due to the massive lateral support, perfectly holds a person when cornering. Thus, the chairs of the Infiniti Q60 Coupe provoke sports driving.

The console in the center is unique due to the introduction of 2 displays with a diagonal of 8 and 7 inches. The top display is for displaying navigation and camera data. The lower display is responsible for the climate control and the InTouch entertainment music system. The console at the bottom received several additional buttons for the climate and an impressive box for small things.

The driver's seat meets him/her with a 3-spoke steering wheel with a chrome insert and a large number of buttons. The keys are mainly for multimedia and for the on-board computer, they are located in such a way that it is convenient to use them and there is no feeling of congestion. The dashboard of the Infiniti Q60 matches everything that most sports car manufacturers are using now - 2 huge analog gauges for the speedometer and tachometer and one very informative on-board computer in the middle.

Specifications Q60 Coupe

Japanese engineers have created three excellent engines with impressive power for this car.

The junior engine is a 2-liter 16-valve turbo unit. The next installation of the Infiniti Q60 2021-2022 is called VR30 - it has two compressors and a volume of 3 liters. It's a 304 horse V6 with 400 units of torque. The most powerful unit is a V6 with a turbine with the same volume of 3 liters. The unit received 405 horses and 475 H*m of the moment.

All engines work in conjunction with a 7-speed automatic transmission. By default, all the power goes to the rear wheels, for extra money, an all-wheel drive system is installed as an option. This four-wheel drive means transferring 50% of the moment to the front axle if necessary.

The chassis here is from the Nissan FM platform, that is, there are two levers in front, and a multi-link in the back. Naturally, it is reconfigured to get more athletic habits. As an option, you can install electronically controlled shock absorbers and adjust their stiffness for yourself. The model stops due to large ventilated brakes with various electronic assistants, including the well-known ABS. The electric booster can optionally be changed to adaptive.

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