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Nissan Rogue 2016 -2017

28 Sep
posted: 28/09/2021

Nissan Rogue 2016 -2017

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The Japanese carmaker Nissan demonstrated in 2016, at the exhibition in Miami, its updated brainchild Nissan Rogue, or X-Trail. These cars immediately became popular. Everything was updated for SUVs, starting with the chassis, ending with the style.

Exterior of the Nissan Rogue

Among the most prominent exterior features, there are the following ones:

  • The bumpers were upgraded. They are voluminous and embossed in front.
  • The head optics became larger. It became LED, and the running lights in the form of LED strips were made the same.
  • Optionally, you can get automatic devices for changing light options, which will make it possible to track the path even more.
  • The central sections of the radiator grilles are made with V-shaped chrome inserts surrounded by company logos.
  • Fog lamps were installed in the lower bumper parts, deepened niches. Optionally, you can get devices in the form of sensors for tracking road markings, which will warn about frontal collisions.
  • The alloy wheels in the basic Nissan Rogue are still 18 inches. Optionally, you can get 19-inched ones.
  • Side glazing with chrome edging, with good visibility.
  • There was an expansion of the thresholds for security. High-strength plastic was used for their manufacture.
  • Roofs with chrome rails.
  • The rear parts are slightly raised up. This gives the cars sportiness.
  • The luggage doors are large in size.
  • The rear optics is also increased.
  • The ground clearance has become adjustable. Drivers can change it themselves, with a maximum of 21 cm.


  • Length - 4 m 630.
  • Width - 1 m 839.
  • Height - 1 m 684.
  • Wheelbase - 2 m 705.
  • Trunk — 524 liters; with the transformation of the second rows, you will get 1120 liters. Plus, compartments under the bottoms of the trunks for things.


Passengers and drivers feel comfortable in the updated salons of the Nissan Rogue. Thanks to the expansion of the bodies of SUVs, there is a lot of space in the back rows. The salons are upholstered in leather, soft plastic, with a decor of chrome inserts.

It has a steering wheel with cuts in the lower parts, which also gives it sportiness.

Now there are:

  • optical devices;
  • entertainment complexes;
  • dashboards with a new interface and five-inch screens of on-board computers with their modes controlled in cars using steering columns.

They have all the controlled functionality.

Dashboards in SUVs with speedometers and tachometers. And in the center there are displays of on-board computers.

Seven-inch touch monitors with multimedia information, navigation information, etc.

Entertainment complexes can also be managed from mobile phones, with appropriate applications.

The kits provide different variations of equipment. For example:

  • devices for reading way signs and markings on roads;
  • devices in the form of sensors for tracking pedestrians and for information about possible imminent frontal impacts;
  • you can also get cameras for rear, all-round visibility and blind spots.

In comparison with the X-Trail, Nissan Rogue SUVs hold the championship in decoration and dynamic characteristics. In the salons of top models: two-zone climates, hatches, leather decor under the shades of cars.

The galleries are equipped with three seats for two adult passengers, exactly, and most likely, the third seats, very small, are designed for children.

Technological component

Basic SUVs ride with 2.5 L gasoline engines, with 170 hp 237 Nm. With acceleration — 10.2 seconds. With the maximum speed with full drives, with connection during slip - 202 km/h. Consumption in the city — 10.5 l; outside the city — 8.4 l.

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