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Tesla Model Y: characteristics and features of the electric car

31 Aug
posted: 31/08/2023

Tesla Model Y: characteristics and features of the electric car

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2023 Tesla Y is an elegant mid-size SUV with enhanced protection, a high level of safety, and a spacious luggage compartment.

The series model was announced in 2019 but debuted in 2020 as the first electric vehicle in the compact SUV category. Model Y from Tesla is a car that perfectly balances interior space, range and power.

Model Y Specifications

Tesla Model Y has the following characteristics, technological advantages:

  • twin-engine configuration with all-wheel drive;
  • storage battery with a capacity of 75 kW/h;
  • front motor - asynchronous, AC, liquid-cooled;
  • rear motor - synchronous AC unit with permanent magnets;
  • heat pump for interior and battery preparation.

Hatchback Y with automatic transmission accelerates beautifully, smoothly and slowly.

The front and rear tires have different sizes - the rear is 275 mm wide, and the front is 255 mm wide. Such an upgrade has advantages - the new tire design gives the car a stylish aggressive look, visually making the car wider than it really is. Wider tires provide better cornering performance and excellent traction. The handling of the new model, as for an SUV, is excellent.

Features and benefits of Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Y has many of the same characteristics as the Model 3. But there are important changes in dimensions - the roof has become 18 cm higher, and the body is slightly longer and wider.

The high roof completely changes the appearance of the cabin, which allows the novelty to successfully compete with the popular models of the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5, Lexus NX and Volvo XC60.

The front seats are now also 140mm higher, but the biggest difference is the panoramic view from the windows. Now even tall people will not have the feeling of a low roof, and an all-glass roof will create an excellent view.

Design and equipment

The car has a dual-engine all-wheel drive system. The Y model has a smaller engine on the front axle, while a more powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels. This distribution of forces provides excellent grip, maneuverability and a smooth ride.

There is no exact data on the power and torque of the model. A traditional all-wheel drive system takes power from the engine and distributes it evenly to all four wheels. The 4WD system can selectively send power to the front, rear or all wheels at any time. In this Model Y differs significantly from other Tesla models.

According to the results of tests in real road conditions and on the bench, it can be argued that the Tesla Y successfully copes with tough scenarios involving low traction in various critical road conditions.

2023 Tesla Model Y comes with 4680 cells and "structural" batteries. Elements and blocks are integrated into the chassis to avoid the need for additional parts and structures to increase rigidity. Reduced weight of the case, battery fasteners. The power reserve on one battery charge is 627-647 km. Battery capacity is 100 kW/h.

Autopilot system

2023 Tesla Model Y has standard ADAS which includes typical systems:

  • forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking;
  • blind spot warning;
  • lane departure warning and lane keeping assist.

The autopilot system does not provide autonomous driving, but level 2 driver assistance. An available Enhanced Autopilot system that features automatic lane change capability and active parking assistance. Summon mode helps you park or get the car out of the garage using a key or an application on your mobile.

One of the most advanced driver assistance features in the Model Y is the Full Self Driving (FSD) package. The Model Y's FSD system requires the driver to constantly monitor the vehicle.

Interior design and equipment of the Tesla Model Y electric car

Tesla Model Y in the photo has a laconic, strict interior style. The Model Y doesn't try to emulate the traditional luxury car. The interior is dominated by a central screen with a dashboard, infotainment system and the most common controls. If you want to know how fast you are going, look at the center screen. If you want to adjust the internal temperature, touch the main screen.

The Model Y's interior is comfortable but not luxurious. Tesla uses synthetic upholstery and fabrics.

The Model Y offers a lot of cargo space and holds a lot of stuff. The trunk is deep and goes under the floor, which in total is 854 liters. Under the hood is another 117 liters. There is enough space for long trips and family trips.

There is an impressive 15-inch touchscreen mounted in the center of the dashboard. Passengers can also use it to get information. The touch screen provides access to many internal controls such as climate settings. Look down and to the right to monitor your current speed.

The Model Y infotainment system includes navigation, natural voice recognition and wireless device charging. Model Y does not support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it does support Netflix and YouTube. Gamers can also use the 15-inch screen to play games while charging from the Supercharger.

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