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The unwritten rules of the road that every driver must follow

09 Aug
posted: 09/08/2019

The unwritten rules of the road that every driver must follow

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Every driver traveling on the road should thoroughly know the rules of the road. In addition to the official code of practice, there are a huge number of unspoken, so-called, “popular” rules. With experience, most drivers begin to understand and adhere to them. For beginners, they are often unknown or incomprehensible. Today we’ll talk about some unspoken driving rules that everyone needs to know.

1. One car - one parking space

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This seems obvious. BUT ... Why, then, by going to any parking lot, you can definitely see unsuccessfully parked cars that take up a bunch of extra space? There are two options. Either their owners did not pay attention to the quality of parking, or they simply do not know how to do it. In any case, one crookedly parked car gives rise to a chain reaction, and now someone is already short of parking space. Therefore, you need to remember firmly. While parking, make sure that your car occupies only one parking space.

2. Skipping the oncoming stream before turning left, do not turn the wheels

At first glance, a strange recommendation. But it has a fairly simple rationale. One light blow from the back, and where will the car with the wheels turned go? That's right, on the oncoming lane straight in the forehead to the oncoming stream.

3. Do not brake sharply in front of trucks or buses

Imagine a situation: there is a pedestrian crossing ahead, at which a pedestrian stands. By the rules, you need to stop. But before that, you definitely need to look in the rearview mirror. If something large is going behind, say, a bus or a truck, it’s better to break a little and drive without letting anyone pass. After all, such “giants” cannot slow down as intensively as a passenger car. This should always be kept in mind.

4. The safest speed is flow speed

Newly made drivers think that it will be safer for them to drive as slowly as possible. Not really. Here the following rule applies: "too fast is bad, too slow is also bad." The most correct choice of speed will be a speed equal to the flow speed.

5. Do not drive at the crossroads, immediately after which there is a traffic jam

This happens at road intervals where the distance between crossroads is short. If there is a crossroad ahead, where you need to turn, it is better to stop in front of a traffic light, even if the green light is on. Otherwise, you can cause a real transport collapse.

6. Do not pass fast the pedestrian crossings if parked cars block your visibility

It is dangerous, because at any moment a child, an old person, a dog/cat, or just someone talking on the phone and not looking in your direction can jump out in front of you. You will simply have no time to stop.

7. Do not use your mobile phone when you drive

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If you want to talk on the phone, you need to get off the road and stop with the emergency lights on, or use a Bluetooth. This will help you to avoid accidents.

8.  If you drop anything while driving, even do not try to start your search.

You cannot follow the road, if you look for something on the floor. You simply won’t be able to notice someone on the road or a car in front of you.

Be careful and take care of your safety!