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06 Apr
posted: 06/04/2021


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This spectacular safe crossover has not been updated for a very long time. However, the latest technical developments and the advancement of competitors have prompted the Swedish automaker to start restyling their cars. Following the flagship models, the queue also reached the Volvo XC90 2019. Its update is made in the style of the latest trends of the concern, which will appeal to both the younger generation and the more mature people.


Like all other cars of the concern, this model is equipped with a long front part. Its main decoration is the air intake system, located under the rectangular radiator grille. It is edged with a thin chrome strip, and inside you can find several vertical lines. The hood is flat almost all over its surface. It is slightly lowered on the side faces. Aggressive headlamps of the head optics perfectly illuminate the road thanks to xenon or LEDs. 

Several air intake systems are installed on the body kit. Two of them are located near the arches of the front wheels for ventilation of the brake system, the third one is located in the center to supply air to the engine compartment. On the lower part of the bumper, fog lights and a metal strip are built in, which serve to protect the engine. The roof of the car is almost flat.

The side part is distinguished by chrome elements that look spectacular. The windows on the car are large, which opens a good view to the driver and passengers. They are edged with thin strips of chrome. The line of the window sill rushes up. The wheel arches are extended and add anger to the appearance of the crossover. The 2019 Volvo XC90 has received updated original alloy wheels. There is a wide threshold for easy boarding.

The dimensions of the crossover have changed:

  • length - 5.0 meters,
  • width - 2.0 meters,
  • height - 1.8 meters,
  • ground clearance surprised everyone - 23.5 cm.


The interior consists of high-quality, expensive and eco-friendly materials. Among them there are leather, aluminum alloy and wood. The new Volvo XC90 2019 in the photo looks very stylish, the configuration has become more diverse, and the prices have remained almost at the same level. 

The steering wheel is in a medium-sized crossover. It is finished with a pleasant high-quality leather, has three spokes, which are made of aluminum. Despite its versatility, the steering wheel is not overloaded with control buttons, various assistants and a multimedia system. The dashboard looks in the spirit of the latest trends implemented by the Swedish company. It is characterized by a huge color display that can be configured and can display the necessary information.

The center console of the Volvo XC90 2019 is represented by a large screen with touch control, through which you can control all the electronics of the car. On both sides of it there are vertical deflectors. A little lower there is a strip of analog buttons with a single washer in the center. Everything you need is present here, and the interior element is not overloaded with unnecessary keys. The central tunnel is also very austere. At the same time, its dimensions are very impressive. The main part is occupied by functional elements:

  • gear shift lever;
  • washer for setting the suspension operation mode;
  • connectors for connecting mobile devices and flash cards, which are neatly hidden under the curtain.

For convenience, there are also cup holders (driver and passenger) and a comfortable armrest with a roomy box inside, which can be cooled depending on the configuration.

Since the Volvo XC90 2019 is declared as a seven-seater, it has three rows of seats. All of them have a high-quality leather finish and high-quality filling, which will contribute to a comfortable journey even over long distance.

The front row is equipped with convenient side support and electric adjustment of all parts of the seat. The designers did not forget heating for the cold season and ventilation for the summer period. The second and third rows also have heating, side support, which is almost as good as a similar element of the first row.

Technical specifications

The car is represented by gasoline and diesel units.

The first type of engine will get a volume of 2.0 liters and two performance options - 249 or 320 horsepower. The second type provides a volume of 2.0 liters and a power of 190 or 235 "horses". The gear box on all units is the same – automatic eight-band one. All-wheel drive, except for the 190-horsepower diesel engine. It is equipped only with front-wheel drive.

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