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07 Feb
posted: 07/02/2021


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For the first time, the concept of the Ford Mustang 2020 model year was shown to the public 2 years ago in Detroit. From that moment, the company's fans were looking forward to the appearance of the sports car on the market, which has finally happened. The fresh American is made in an already recognizable style. However, the body received a more interesting and modern design.

Technical characteristics 

The updated Ford Mustang 2020 has quite impressive characteristics. Given the cost of such a car, it becomes one of the best sports cars in this price category:

  • under the hood of the updated model, there is a more than high-quality and reliable improved V8 is installed, the power of which has been increased to 526 hp. The torque, despite the increase in engine power, remained at the same value of 570 Nm;
  • in addition to the updated engine, there is a six-speed manual transmission. Thanks to this, the car has the ability to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the car is 262 kilometers per hour;
  • in mixed mode, the car consumes from 13 liters per hundred kilometers of travel. This indicator can be increased in case of fast driving;
  • moreover, the car can offer an updated powertrain control unit. The rear differential, which is able to lock itself, remained unchanged;
  • for steering, electric power steering is used, which has already become the norm for cars of this class. In addition, there are three different driving options that are suitable for certain road conditions. The first option was called Normal, the second – Sports, and the third — Comfort. If the ride is carried out on a normal road, then the first option will be ideal. For straight tracks, you can use the Sports mode, as well as the Comfort mode;
  • powerful ventilated wheels — another technical feature that makes the updated car more stylish and high-quality. It is these discs in red that are the hallmark of the updated version;
  • thanks to the active electronic stability control system of the car, it is possible to comfortably overcome even the most difficult sections of the road.


Ford Mustang 2020 has become even more stylish, high-quality and reliable. Additional predatory traits were added. An unusual raised hood with two air intakes distinguishes the exterior design of the updated version of the car from all the others. In addition, from the front of the car stands out and quite impressive grille, which is divided into two parts. Interestingly, unlike most brands, Ford did not install a brand name on the radiator grille. The profile of the updated version is distinguished by the rather impressive length of the hood. Also, the presence of exclusive 19-inch discs made in the corporate style looks great.

The rear view of the car will please everyone with unusual marker lights, which are made in the form of brackets. On the back, there is a high-quality, large logo icon.

The dimensions of the new car remained unchanged, compared to previous versions, and are as follows:

  • length - 4 meters 77.5 centimeters;
  • width - 1 meter 90.5 centimeters;
  • height - 1 meter 37.2 centimeters;
  • the wheelbase - 2 meters 71.7 centimeters.


The interior of the updated car is filled with high-quality materials. It uses reliable genuine leather, which just looks perfect against the background of a sporty style. The steering wheel is the most unusual component of the exterior interior decoration. There are many additional control buttons on it. The steering wheel itself is covered with a reliable anti-slip material.

The seats are covered with high-quality leather material. The back row has only two seats, which immediately catches the eye.

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