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Kia Stinger 2019: an exclusive mid-range sports car

13 Feb
posted: 13/02/2021

Kia Stinger 2019: an exclusive mid-range sports car

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Kia Motors presented the original model of the Gran Turismo class sports car to the world automotive community. Fastback Kia Stinger 2019 differs from similar developments of other companies by the capacity of the 5-seat body, exclusive design, improved traction and speed characteristics of the engine range.

Despite the American markings, the new model is designed in a pro-European style.

The sports status of the Stinger is confirmed by the aerodynamic configuration of the body, the format of the air intakes, a large number of decorative and functional reliefs. According to experts, considering all the data, restyling for this model may be required no earlier than in 5-6 years.


Design of the front of the Kia Stinger 2019 fastback includes many elements of aggressive style:

  • In particular, there is a great combination of massive hood air diffusers with a wedge-shaped front headlights xenon optics and proprietary configuration radiator cladding like Tiger nose.
  • The lower part of the powerful bumper is used for the placement of the air intakes of the engine compartment ventilation system and cooling of the front axle brake mechanisms.
  • characteristic details of the same type of European models of sports terrain contribute to the improvement of the aerodynamic parameters of the front.
  • In the side projection, the car shows the traditional layout of the body for high-speed models with an elongated front part, a cab shifted to the rear and high cutouts of the three-dimensional wheel arches.

In a single ensemble, the side glazing edged with a chrome perimeter, the wide relief that visually connects the front and rear fenders, stylish mirrors and the exclusive design of 18-inch wheels are perceived. The design of the rear side of the case shows the style features of similar developments of the BMW model range.

These are, first of all:

  • the large format of the rear window complemented by aerodynamic details;
  • rear light units connected by LED stop lights;
  • compact trunk lid;
  • a massive body kit with overall illumination and double exhaust pipes displayed on the sides.


interior in terms of comfort and quality of finishing materials is not inferior to the elite analogues of leading European brands. The complete set includes:

  • comfortable multifunctional steering wheel;
  • dashboard with classic analog speed indicators and engine parameters;
  • center console with multimedia monitor;
  • the navigation and climate control system control unit located under the air deflectors. 

Already in the basic configuration, the model offers advanced functions of standard equipment and additional options, an expanded range of electronic assistants and active road safety systems. In the front part of the tunnel, there is a platform with a joystick for the transmission mode and push-button settings for the undercarriage functionality. Nearby there is a rectangular volume for small things, switching ports with external digital peripherals, as well as a wide armrest. 

The wheelbase of the Kia Stinger 2019 provides the driver and four passengers with a comfortable fit, maximum road comfort and large amounts of personal space.

The most extensive service functionality was provided to the front row seats, which are equipped with side support elements, seat heating and cooling devices, and a large number of operational adjustments. The design of the rear sofa provides a decent seating comfort in all respects for three adult passengers. The new body offers a roomy luggage compartment with a volume of up to 406 liters, which is not typical for models with a "fastback" body.

Technical specifications

Most of the body elements with a wheelbase length of 2905 mm and overall dimensions of 4831 x 1869 x 1400 mm are made of particularly strong steel, which allowed in various modifications to reduce the weight of the car to 1700-1900 kg.

The new product features a highly sensitive power steering wheel, efficient Brembo brakes with heat-resistant working elements. In the basic configuration of the Stinger model 2019, there is a system for safe passage of sharp turns. In the standard version, the new Kia Stinger 2019 model year received a turbocharged version of the 2-liter gasoline engine with an output of 248 hp/353 Nm of torque. In tandem - an automated transmission, supplemented by the function of manual gear shifting.

An independent test drive in all parameters confirmed the power characteristics of the power unit, providing high dynamics of the start and a set of speed of the first hundred in 6 seconds.

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