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posted: 07/06/2021


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Practicality and all-wheel drive still define the Forester. This is the fifth generation of the SUV. The five-seat compact SUV has been attracting loyal customers for years, and the last generation has doubled sales in the last year alone. The new technical equipment of the car meets or exceeds the all-wheel drive versions of the current leaders of the car market, including the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Mazda CX-5.

Subaru Forester 2019 is an all-wheel-drive crossover of the brand, on which the manufacturer has made a big bet.

The debut of the crossover took place at the end of March at the auto show in the United States – in a country where this model is in high demand.


The car did not get a new body, as consumers had hoped. The size of the SUV remained almost the same, it became only slightly longer and wider than the 2018 version. Externally, the car attracts attention with black 18-inch wheels and orange accents on all four sides, as well as rails on the roof. Meanwhile, it has got solid chrome and new wheels, which further highlights the feature of this version. All 2019 cars are equipped with high-end automatic LED headlights.

For starters, 8.7 inches of ground clearance and short overhangs are responsible for cross-country driving. Every Subaru Forester 2019 is fitted with a truly competent all-wheel drive system with torque, rather than an easy AWD setup. All models but the base one also have Subaru's X-Mode, which can be activated to automatically improve AWD performance in snow or mud, as well as to activate Hill Descent Control.

Sports and higher models get a new version of X-Mode with a second Deep Snow/Mud setting that disables traction control, allowing you to dig out the necessary wheel if necessary. Subaru Forester 2019 in the new body has undoubtedly become more attractive, the configuration is richer, and prices, photos and reviews cause increased interest of potential buyers.


The car in previous versions was classic and comfortable. The manufacturer used soft, but practical and durable materials.

The updated dashboard still has a logical layout, but it looks bigger. All models use a higher quality finish, even in the Touring model. By the way, the top finish is now more in line with its high rank. Vinyl inserts have been added to the traditional leather, as well as orange stitching, which favorably emphasizes the key elements. Again, the upper-level leather upholstery of the Touring has a richer appearance.

All versions, except the basic version, are equipped with a large sunroof that opens above the front seats and extends to the rear seats. Subaru calls it "panoramic," but it's actually big and square.

The spacious, high rear seat is slightly more spacious thanks to the new 1.2-inch wheelbase. Access to the rear row of seats has become more convenient, the doors can open almost 90 degrees. All versions have climate control with a central console.

The Subaru Forester 2019 multimedia touchscreen is a decent 6.5-inch unit on the lower three trim levels, equipped with Subaru's latest Starlink system with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. The new Subaru Forester 2019 looks much more presentable, and the configuration and prices are traditionally pleasing with a variety.

The 8-inch Starlink system is optional in the Sport and Standard versions on the two upper trim levels. In addition to the increased multimedia system, the buyer gets additional options:

  • higher definition screen;
  • voice control;
  • voice-over of text messages;
  • modern graphics;
  • intuitive interface.

Technical specifications

The updated Subaru Forester 2019 2.5-liter horizontal engine now features direct injection and a higher 12:1 compression ratio, which helps save gas. The engine will produce more than 12 hp, and its peak figure reached 182 horsepower. The torque has become more - it is 176 lb-ft. The throttle response has also been improved – with a wider spread ratio for the standard continuously variable automatic transmission.

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