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07 Aug


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If you think about the luxury sedan, it is likely that the BMW 3 Series is the car that will come to mind of many drivers. It has more than 40 years of history, which allows this compact sports sedan taking one of the first places in the lists of the most desired cars. It was gradually increasing power and efficiency and now has its own line of mod

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02 Aug

Common myths about the car driving

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There are various myths among car owners. These myths complicate our car choice and operation. Let's talk about some of the most common prejudices the drivers have. 1.    Hybrid cars are too slow The first models of hybrid cars were too slow, which had a negative impact on their performance. Such cars had significant speed limits, and they were lim

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27 Jul

Women and cars - what does a woman need?

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Every woman who has received the driving license thinks about the question: “What exactly do I want from her car?” The choice of a vehicle is always difficult, it is always problematic, because the choice is very wide, and the possibilities are usually limited either by money or by the fact that all the cars you like, unfortunately, cannot be bough

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25 Jul

How to choose a car?

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In our time the car is no longer a luxury item, but a necessity. Every day a huge number of cars are bought. Perhaps, every second family can afford the car thanks to the cars of "A" and "B" classes. In fact, buying a car is a very serious procedure; that is why it must be approached with great attention and vigilance. Before buying a car you, of c

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19 Jul

Range Rover. History of the Legend

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Range Rover is a legendary SUV produced by the Land Rover Company. The country of Range Rover’s origin is the United Kingdom. The company started the production of this car in 1970. Range Rover acquired the world fame due to its appearance in a series of movies about James Bond. Nowadays these cars are very popular. The company produces up to 50 th

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