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16 Oct


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Factory noise isolation of the car for many drivers is insufficient due to the many noises during movement. That is why sooner or later there is a question of performing additional noise insulation in a car service center, at an official dealer, or independently with your own hands. What materials for sound insulation to use and which zones are inc

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09 Oct

Infiniti Q50 2020: a worthy competitor to the German business class

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If earlier the cars of the Infiniti brand were just beautiful and quite comfortable, now they can easily compete with the main representatives of the business class in the world - the big German three. To do this, one of the company's sedans, the Q50, was restyled. The new model still remains easily recognizable, but thanks to the introduction of s

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03 Oct

Kia Seltos 2021: low-cost SUV with premium body and interior design

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At the end of 2019, the Korean brand Kia has started mass production of the next version of the compact SUV model range Seltos. In the new generation, Kia Seltos 2021 offers: bright and memorable body design; technical and electronic equipment that meets European standards; economical consumption parameters of petrol and diesel engines. Ac

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26 Sep

Youth and urban BMW X2 2020

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BMW X2 is a new urban crossover of the Bavarian company, which was shown to the public back in 2016 at the Paris motor show. The main audience targeted by the manufacturer is young people living in the city. The Bavarians took up production only when they saw good sales of the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. The manufacturer decided to compete with it, sq

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18 Sep

Party mode, off-road driving: little-known buttons that can be found in the car interior

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The car market is almost weekly updated with new models. And all of them should impress potential buyers with their functionality and technical characteristics. However, sometimes there are so many additional options that it is impossible to deal with them immediately. Therefore, it often happens that there is an almost invisible button in the car

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