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14 Jul

Sedan or SUV: what to choose?

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Crossovers crush on all fronts setting aside all other types of bodies. Let’s figure out whether the SUVs are as perfect as they are considered to be. Nowadays drivers increasingly pay attention to crossovers when choosing a car. They are in vogue, are considered to be more convenient and safe due to high landing and optional all-wheel drive. Thei

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08 Jul

7 luxury Lamborghini, which will attract the attention of the most cockered automotive gourmets

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Lamborghini cars are not just a luxury item. It is also a real cult of quality and style. Each of these cars is a real work of art, worthy of attention of the most spoiled automotive gourmets. One look at this car is enough to fall in love with it once and for all. Here we would like to tell you about the most noticeable Lamborghini cars everybody

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02 Jul

Porsche tradition nowadays

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PORSCHE is a German automotive company with the headquarters in Stuttgart. The company was founded by the famous designer Ferdinand Porsche as a design bureau in 1931 in Germany. In terms of the profit from the sale of each car, Porsche is among the most profitable automakers in the world. Moreover, in 2010 Porsche cars were even recognized as the

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27 Jun

Mercedes-AMG: the most prominent representatives in 2018

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Mercedes-AMG Company always surprises its customers. All models are famous for their quality and reliability, though now we would like to attract your attention to the most prominent modern representatives of the company: MERCEDES AMG GT R and MERCEDES-AMG G 63. MERCEDES AMG GT R The Mercedes-AMG Company officially introduced a new sports model AMG

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27 Jun

Top-7 most reliable cars in 2018

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It is not a simple task to choose a high-quality car that would serve properly and wouldn’t pull out finances from the pocket of its owner. We would like to present to you a selection of 7 very reliable cars, which, according to the influential consumer reports, will pass 200,000 miles without serious repairs. 1. Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey is cons

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