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27 Jul

Dog + car: the 4 strongest misconceptions

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The photo is taken from the site: Being an auto- and at the same time a dog owner. Do you know how to combine these two roles?  A long trip to another city, and even a short-term transportation of a pet to the veterinarian can be difficult events. In order not to suddenly find yourself alone with a "losing cont

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21 Jul

Dodge Grand Caravan 2017

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Since 1983, the Dodge Grand Caravan has become famous as a large family car. Today, it remains a worthy model that can meet many needs of modern society, offering versatility, many functions and an initial price that is lower than the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Perhaps, visually, the Grand Caravan is not the most attractive car, but the main

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12 Jul

An Old Believer among jeeps. What kind of beast is a fresh framed Ford Bronco?

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Nowadays, most brands compete in who will make the most useless (off-road) SUV. Can the appearance of a new framed SUV aimed at the most hardcore off-road cause a stir? Ford Bronco proves: it can. The photo is taken from the site: There is a queue for these cars until next year, and if you are lu

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05 Jul


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The creators of the MERCEDES-BENZ GLS 450 4MATIC compared the novelty with its predecessor, ignoring the direct competitor - the BMW X7. The condescension of Stuttgart residents can be understood: the first Mercedes-Benz GLS appeared back in 2006 and actually formed a class of premium three-row crossovers. In the US, it finds about 30 thousand buye

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29 Jun

What is the best wheel size to choose for a car?

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Car owners are well aware that the stability of the car, handling and cross-country ability of the car directly depends on the size of the wheels and tires. That is why it is important to choose the right size of the car's wheels, which will fully correspond to a specific model. The photo is taken from the site:

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