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23 Aug

Why are sports cars still being made rear-wheel drive?

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The photo is taken from the site: At first glance, the front-wheel drive won an unquestioning victory. The vast majority of cars are made with front driving wheels. Even all-wheel drive crossovers, the transmission

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16 Aug

Buick Regal 2017-2018

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The range of the American company has expanded. In 2017, the representatives of the brand in New York demonstrated to the audience their new Buick Regal 2017-2018 in a new body. The car, as you can guess from the name, came out in two versions — a hatch and a station wagon. The hatchback was called the Sportback, and the station wagon was called th

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09 Aug

Subaru WRX 2017-2018: the model that survived the facelift

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November 2013 was special for fans of the Japanese Subaru brand, as it was the year when the fourth generation of the iconic Subaru WRX sports sedan, previously known as the Impreza, was introduced. In comparison with the third-generation model, the novelty has acquired a more dynamic and modern appearance, received a higher-quality and equipped in

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02 Aug

Audi A6 2019: an elegant premium sedan

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Restyling has greatly refreshed the exterior, interior and engine compartment of the car, which is undergoing its fourth modernization. Exterior The face of the car turned out to be very large, but having smoothed, even pretty features. The new Audi A6 of the 2019 model year received a hood cover strongly inclined to the roadbed, decorated with a

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27 Jul

Dog + car: the 4 strongest misconceptions

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The photo is taken from the site: Being an auto- and at the same time a dog owner. Do you know how to combine these two roles?  A long trip to another city, and even a short-term transportation of a pet to the veterinarian can be difficult events. In order not to suddenly find yourself alone with a "losing cont

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