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30 Jan

Updated Volkswagen Tiguan: "digital" interior, R-version and plug-in hybrid

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In 2020, Volkswagen introduced the updated Tiguan. The crossover was distinguished by a “digital” interior, became more similar in appearance to the Golf 8, acquired a sports R-version and a rechargeable eHybrid hybrid modification. The exterior The exterior of the restyled Volkswagen Tiguan has changed significantly: the crossover received new bum

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24 Jan


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In 2017, following the Tesla Model X, the Model 3 was released - the company's first electric car aimed at the mass market. After 5 years, the Troika has undergone several more changes that make fans of the American electric car brand look forward to the release of an updated car. So, let's talk today about the Model 3 2022 model year, find out tha

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17 Jan


views: 34

Cars of the Japanese automaker Honda in a certain period of time were very popular among buyers. However, the lack of timely updating of existing models and the gap between competitors in terms of equipping their cars left the automaker far behind. Restyling of 2019 Honda Passport is designed to remedy the situation. It is a medium-sized crossover

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10 Jan

New Infiniti Q60 2021-2022

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The Detroit show in January 2016 was used by Infiniti to present its new coupe - a completely redesigned Infiniti Q60 2021-2022. The car was originally shown a year earlier as a concept with the same name. The model has completely changed compared to its predecessor, there is not a single element reminiscent of the previous generation. New design,

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03 Jan

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2023: a pickup truck for outdoor enthusiasts

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Advertising structures of the Hyundai company are positioning a new model of a mid-size pickup truck - the Hyundai Santa Cruz 2023 - as a vehicle for extreme types of outdoor activities. This status is confirmed by the design and layout of the hull, the presence of special equipment and high off-road potential. The photo is taken from the site:

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