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09 Aug

The unwritten rules of the road that every driver must follow

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Every driver traveling on the road should thoroughly know the rules of the road. In addition to the official code of practice, there are a huge number of unspoken, so-called, “popular” rules. With experience, most drivers begin to understand and adhere to them. For beginners, they are often unknown or incomprehensible. Today we’ll talk about some u

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02 Aug

Forget in the future: things that will soon disappear from cars

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Do you know how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class differs from the cars of our faraway past? S-Class cannot be started with a “bent starter”. After all, the manufacturers stopped completing machines with such a system in the late 70s. In addition to the “manual engine start system”, there were a whole bunch of different things in the cars of the past that,

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26 Jul

Disappeared car brands: in the USA and in Europe

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Only in the first two decades of this century, a dozen car brands have ceased to exist. Most of them disappeared in the USA and in Europe. America has become the ancestor of “affordable mass car” concept. Therefore, it is not surprising that there the car brands appeared and disappeared especially actively. Perhaps one of the first significant loss

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19 Jul

How to take care of a black car?

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It is well known that the black color of the car is the most problematic one. The owner of such a car needs to properly wash the body, protecting the paintwork from scratches, chips and other damage.  It may seem to many car owners that there will be no pollution on the black body, therefore, it will not be necessary to wash such a car often. Indee

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12 Jul

Useful tips: ten fundamental rules of the night driving

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The photo is taken from the site: The most interesting thing is that at night the traffic intensity is 10 times less than during the day, but at this particular time of day about half of all accidents occur. At night, the road is clear and drivers often exceed speed. At high speed, they do no

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