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09 Dec

BMW 7: Bavarians now have their own giant crossover!

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The photo is taken from the site: After several years of rumors, the flagship BMW X7 is completely declassified. The way of "X 7" from the stage of rumors to the conveyor machine was very long. During the summer of 2008 (ten years ago!) the media managed to write

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02 Dec

How to prepare a car for winter: useful tips

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The use of the cars in the winter period is characterized by an increased load on its key components and mechanisms. They should be prepared before the start of operation during the cold season. It is important to know even for those living in warm countries as the weather can always throw a curve. Let’s consider what main actions of the car owner

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25 Nov

Amazing facts about Toyota

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Toyota is known for its advanced technological innovations and hybrid engines, regardless of the car model we are talking about – sedans or off-road models. Let's find out all the most interesting information about this company, which is a world leader in car sales nowadays.  Toyota has sold more than 10 million hybrid cars It's hard to believe tha

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19 Nov

Ford has launched a large project on Autonomous Vehicles in Miami

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The photo is taken from the site The Autonomous vehicle is only a part of a bigger complex. Americans are going to work out all sides of the implementation of such technology in life. Ford has announced the start of autonomous vehicles tests in the county of Miami-Dade (in the cit

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11 Nov

Acura: the pioneer’s story

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It is a widely spread situation when not the discoverer of an idea becomes famous, but a more talented follower. For example, many people still believe that Lexus became the first Japanese luxury brand. But the first were the Honda members who invented Acura. How it all began? At the turn of the 70-80s, the automotive industry in America was going

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