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01 Aug


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The Japanese from Mitsubishi Company have very rarely pleased us with new products recently. The company is not going through the best of times, so it has to update the machines, which have been on the assembly line for quite a long time, for the second or third time. With the compact crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, everything is not so.

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24 Jul


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The Kia Sedona car with a cozy, spacious interior, comfortable seats, smooth driving dynamics and a modern infotainment system is a worthy competitor in the car market. The first minivan models rolled off the Assembly line in 1999 and were more focused on economy than style or comfort. But looking at the appearance of the Kia Sedona 2016, rivals sh

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19 Jul

Clay Plank and Nano-sprayer: how to care for a car

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Summer is the time when the car comes to the car wash less often than usual. However, it is necessary to keep the vehicle clean in the warm season. What can help to keep tour car in good condition? A set of microfiber towels for care A double-sided towel with a loop is suitable for washing the car body, and for cleaning the interior. It is convenie

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10 Jul

Mazda 3 2018

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Mazda 3 2018 is a restyling of the third generation of one of the most popular Japanese cars. The car is in demand due to its price, affordable for such body sizes and configuration, good interior design, economical engines and excellent maneuverability. All this easily compensates for the relatively low traffic and dynamics – and the proof ca

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04 Jul


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The photo is taken from the site: http://joyreactor.cc/post/1990783 For the implementation of fresh creative ideas and original design solutions, without which modern car styling is unthinkable, "air" painting technique is increasingly used – aerographics. The main task of art painting is to give the appearance of the car a special color. And i

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