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21 Feb

ALFA ROMEO GIULIA 2018: cute "exotic"

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The new model is a premium sedan that features both a bright appearance and a perfectly executed interior. Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 will also win everyone over with its technical data, which here, by the way, are on a par with many sports cars. Exterior One of the several trump cards of the car is the exterior. It was really a success, as the model c

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13 Feb

Kia Stinger 2019: an exclusive mid-range sports car

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Kia Motors presented the original model of the Gran Turismo class sports car to the world automotive community. Fastback Kia Stinger 2019 differs from similar developments of other companies by the capacity of the 5-seat body, exclusive design, improved traction and speed characteristics of the engine range. Despite the American markings, the new m

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07 Feb


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For the first time, the concept of the Ford Mustang 2020 model year was shown to the public 2 years ago in Detroit. From that moment, the company's fans were looking forward to the appearance of the sports car on the market, which has finally happened. The fresh American is made in an already recognizable style. However, the body received a more in

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30 Jan


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The 2018 Mazda CX-5 is a second-generation facelift of the popular crossover. The car combines an original design and practicality, which allows it to be considered one of the most popular options in its segment. Leaving almost the same dimensions and sporty style as the previous version, the manufacturer added more smoothness, improved noise insul

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24 Jan

Details of car refueling with fuel

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The photo is taken from the site: Even such an elementary procedure as a car refueling at a gas station can be a problem for a beginner, so it would be useful to use some tips for refueling vehicles at a specialized station. Each driver should moni

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