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04 Jul

7th generation BMW 5-Series 2020-2021 as the standard for mid-range sedans

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Every new BMW is launched with huge expectations, and the 2021 BMW 5-Series is no exception. The latest “five” was radically revised in 2017, and although the 2021 model is not a full-fledged novelty, it introduced a number of interesting ideas to improve the “success formula”. While the current 5 Series features a wide range of fast, efficient eng

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28 Jun


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Cadillac CT4 2021-2022 is a new sedan from the American manufacturer, which appeared as a replacement for ATS in the manufacturer's lineup. Initially, a sports version of the CT4-V was presented, now “civilian” models have appeared. This is a small car designed to compete with the German trio. Sales have already started, although the model has not

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20 Jun

New big Volkswagen Atlas 2021

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Atlas is the largest car Volkswagen has ever offered. With a length of 5.04 meters, the seven-seater SUV is also significantly more massive than the Touareg, which is the largest European VW with a length of 4.88 meters. For 2021, Atlas received some design and interior changes. Absolutely average design and equally average speed do not cause negat

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16 Jun

Electric car Hyundai Ioniq 5 began the history of a new sub-brand

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Do you love optical illusions? Few people identify the crossover here. However, the diameter of the wheels on the car in the photo is 20 inches, and the length, width and height are 4635, 1890 and 1605 mm with a wheelbase of 3000 mm. For example, Nissan X-Trail is 4690, 1820, 1715 and 2705 mm respectively. The photo is taken from the site: http

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06 Jun

Chrysler Pacifica 2018: A high-level family car

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The first show of the updated version of this family minivan was held at an exhibition in Detroit, which took place in the spring of 2016. Chrysler Pacifica 2018 had to replace another car in the model range, which was already significantly outdated — Chrysler Town and Country. The new model is much better equipped both technically and functionally

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