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21 Nov

2021 Lincoln Corsair - Featured in the Top 5 Best Luxury Compact SUVs

views: 89

The compact crossover Lincoln Corsair, the heir to the MKC model, a colleague of the new generation Ford Kuga/Escape SUV, debuted in New York. The C2 global platform allowed the car not only to improve handling and increase body rigidity, but also to tighten up the electronics. Among the advantages of the Corsair, there are the standard set of Linc

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14 Nov

Lexus IS 200t 2017: perfection of forms and technologies

views: 85

In January 2013, the Japanese brand Lexus, engaged in the production of premium cars, officially introduced the third generation of its most "driver" sedan - the IS model, which survived a planned restyling a few years later and acquired a slightly modified appearance, an improved interior, as well as a completely new two-liter turbo engine and ret

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09 Nov

The largest and most unusual BMW - BMW X7 40i xDrive

views: 100

Size matters? Of course it does! At least that's what automakers say. Each new generation of various models is usually larger than its predecessors, and the mania for size and roominess at some point became the basis for the development of new cars. A great example is the BMW X7, a brand new car for people who think the X5 and X6 cars are "too smal

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02 Nov


views: 98

This crossover, which will be assembled in China and Mexico, is the only representative of its class with a 7-seater interior layout. This will make it easier for the GLB to win against the Audi Q2, BMW X1 and Infiniti QX30. Already in the “base” of the German novelty, leather-trimmed seats, branded multimedia, an automatic valet and a 7-speed auto

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25 Oct

Long-awaited debut: Maserati Grecale crossover

views: 93

This car was announced in the fall of 2020, and its premiere was supposed to take place a year ago. The event was postponed twice, but now the Maserati Grecale crossover is still declassified. It is named after the wind in the Mediterranean, and in the table of ranks is a step below the Levante model. The photo is taken from the site: https://c

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