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13 Sep

The first Ferrari crossover: 5 facts about the most interesting novelty of the year

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Ferrari Purosangue is a controversial model in the history of the Italian brand, claiming the title of the fastest SUV in the world. The photo is taken from the site: First there was Bentley, and then Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin followed suit. The world fashion for cros

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07 Sep

2018 Audi Q3: smart crossover for everyday needs

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The main advantages of this model should be a high level of comfort, reliability and practicality with a bright futuristic design. It is believed that Q3 should appeal mainly to men of different ages, who will be able to use it both to move around the city and travel to "wild" conditions - with all-wheel drive, the car, according to experts, is abl

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29 Aug

Subaru Impreza 2017

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Speaking of Subaru, the first model that comes to mind is the Impreza, imprinted in the memory and minds of millions of fans of the Japanese brand as an aggressive, uncompromising and powerful car that can fire up many supercars, if, of course, we are talking about a charged version of the WRX . This is a car associated with street racing, deep tun

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21 Aug

2019 Land Rover Discovery: premium midsize SUV

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British Land Rover SUVs combine the highest level of reliability, functionality and road comfort in their design. The new-generation Land Rover Discovery 2019 model differs from previous developments by significant updates in body design and interior design, economy and improved traction parameters of the engine range. Exterior When viewed from the

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16 Aug

7 Pretty Weird Car Options

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Sometimes, in an effort to please the driver or just stand out from the competition, companies equip their cars with very unusual bells and whistles and accessories. Roofless driving time counter BMW, which bought the British brand Mini in the mid-nineties, made every effort to ensure that the cars revived under its banner gathered an army of the m

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