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22 Feb

The result of our project with Denis Che - Camaro restoration in 8 hours

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In January this year, we already wrote that we were going to participate in the interesting project with Denis Che (Cherdak) on the restoration of the flooded Chevrolet Camaro. For those who are not aware of the essence of the project, we will outline it in brief. Denis chose a Chevrolet Camaro for us and asked us to swap the car engine as soon as

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14 Feb

Subaru WRX 2017-2018: restyled model

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In 2017 the Japanese brand Subaru introduced its sports model Subaru WRX in a new body, as well as a special modification of the STI car. Their solemn presentation took place in Detroit. The Subaru WRX and WRX STI sports sedans guarantee impressive performance that can be compared to the best sport cars in the world, while offering a balanced start

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07 Feb

7 strange car gadgets, which are quite expensive

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Today, the automotive market is more than ever striking in its assortment. In order to attract potential consumers, manufacturers have to go for various marketing tricks, adding all new options to cars. Of course, because of this, the car sometimes becomes more expensive. Here we will introduce 7 interesting car gadgets, which cost a lot of money.

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29 Jan

Наш первый проект «Воскрешение топленой Camaro для ЧЕРДАКа и Алексея Столярова»

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Совсем недавно мы писали о визите известного блогера Дениса Че («ЧЕРДАКа») в наш дилерский центр в Майями. Денис сделал выпуск на своем канале о нашей компании и о машинах, которые мы продаем. Наша команда подарила ему замечательный Corvette C5, с которым Денис пообещал сделать что-то интересное. Вот поэтому мы будем следить за его каналом, чтобы у

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24 Jan

Is “Clean Title” always clean?

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The photo is taken from the site: https://no1blog.net/important-things-to-consider-while-buying-gap-insurance-cover-for-your-car.html Any time you buy a used car, even at a “Clean Title” car auction, it always comes with a history. Any used car, no matter how old it is, has a certain mileage and had some services and repairs. Some vehicles have

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