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29 May

The most useful car life hacks

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The techniques that can help you cope inexpensively with everyday problems in the car. Based on the analysis of a number of life hacks, we have come to the conclusion that not all of them are useful or effective, and some may even lead to damage to your car. After the work done, we have identified the most productive hacks and justified the possibi

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23 May

Ford Mustang 2017 - the dream of millions

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This legendary car is the dream of many, because the 2017 Ford Mustang represents the power, handling, and excitement that one would expect only from expensive sports cars. Buyers can choose among the variety of configurations and bodies, including coupes and convertibles, to get exactly what they want.  Technical parameters The 2017 Ford Mustang c

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18 May

Last chance to buy a car at the most favorable price

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The photo is taken from the site: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-bronco-mustang-mach-e-171253708.html Covid-19 has changed the world of business and production, as well as the whole world. The following news can serve as the example of it. The world has recently heard the sad news about the delays of several car brands debuts due to the co

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15 May

Oxygen sensors replacement

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The photo is taken from the site: www.carid.com   As the annual CarMD® Vehicle Health Index shows, oxygen sensor replacement is considered to be one of the most common check engine light repairs. Oxygen sensors detect the amount of oxygen in the exhaust flow and turn the information into a voltage signal used by the car computer to control fuel rat

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08 May

Toyota GT86 of the next generation: new name, different platform and engine

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Toyota has officially unveiled its version of the compact rear-wheel drive coupe, which was built in collaboration with specialists from Subaru. The European version of the new product was named GT 86, while the analog for the domestic Japanese market is called simply "86". Recall that the history of the model began in 2009 with the display at the

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