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07 Nov

The "off-road limousine" Aznom Palladium is officially presented: 710 h.p. and a retractable bumper

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The photo is taken from the site: https://www.aznompalladium.com/en/home-palladium-en/#iLightbox%5Bgallery_image_1%5D/2 The Italian company Aznom declassified its new development - the luxury sedan Palladium, which plans to release only 10 copies. The sedan is based on the RAM 1500 pickup platform, but the level of luxury is closer to the Rolls

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30 Oct

Audi A5 2018

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In the second generation, the Audi A5 appeared as a completely updated model with easily recognizable features in the exterior. The result is an elegant sports car that can rightly be called an icon of style from Ingolstadt. The review of the Audi A5 confirms the idea of the developers to present to the general public not just a restyling, but a ne

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25 Oct

The legendary Hummer is back

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The photo is taken from the site: https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/10/2022-gmc-hummer-ev-sut-exterior-dimensions-are-in/ The Americans have revived the Hummer brand with a very powerful electric pickup truck! Do you remember the sensational Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck? Now it has a competitor, and, unlike Tesla, it is ready for mass producti

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16 Oct


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Factory noise isolation of the car for many drivers is insufficient due to the many noises during movement. That is why sooner or later there is a question of performing additional noise insulation in a car service center, at an official dealer, or independently with your own hands. What materials for sound insulation to use and which zones are inc

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09 Oct

Infiniti Q50 2020: a worthy competitor to the German business class

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If earlier the cars of the Infiniti brand were just beautiful and quite comfortable, now they can easily compete with the main representatives of the business class in the world - the big German three. To do this, one of the company's sedans, the Q50, was restyled. The new model still remains easily recognizable, but thanks to the introduction of s

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