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04 Sep


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Every year there are fewer and fewer full-fledged SUVs on sale. This is due to the fact that crossovers are more in demand today, as they combine the best properties suitable for a large city and easy off-road driving. Jeep Cherokee 2019 can be called a bright offer. The initial configuration is represented by a combination of a fairly large number

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29 Aug

How to increase the service life of car tires?

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High-quality rubber is quite expensive, and its replacement will certainly result in additional costs for professional installation. Therefore, it is in the interests of any car owner to try to increase its service life. To do this, we suggest to use our advice on how to care for rubber, which will significantly increase its service life. The phot

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21 Aug

Flying car - myth or reality?

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A flying car is a personal aircraft that can be used both on the ground and in the air. Until recently, we could only dream about it. We've only seen a flying car in movies. A film like “The Fifth Element” predicts the future of flying cars well. Impressive special effects fully reveal the essence of using a flying car. This dream can only be compa

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14 Aug

Four is not the limit: 7 prominent multi-wheeled cars

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We are used to the fat that the car has four wheels. There is even the corresponding expression "the fifth wheel" which says about something superfluous. Indeed, why would a car that drives perfectly on four have a few more wheels, unless we are talking about a spare one in the trunk? However, history is a stubborn thing, and on its pages there are

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06 Aug


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Subaru Company has always had a special attitude on the market.  As the brand's leaders, they try to produce only fully completed, comprehensively thought out and tested cars. In addition, the company's engineers always strive to use the latest developments. Therefore, adherents of each new model of the brand expect something special. The new Subar

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