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29 Mar

Ford F-150 2020

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Ford F-150 2020 without a doubt is the best full-size pickup truck, combining a decent level of comfort, safety and excellent towing. This pickup truck has been a bestseller and a sales leader for more than three decades. Millions of owners consider it the best, because it is comfortable, quiet and powerful - the perfect "workhorse" of increased co

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21 Mar


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The photo is taken from the site: “Which car covers should I choose?” - a question that is asked by almost every car owner. Much depends on their type and features: comfort for the driver of the car, ease of cleaning, maintaining the cleanliness of the original car seats, as well as the design

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14 Mar


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The photo is taken from the site: In the mid-sixties of the last century, the automotive industry in Europe and the United States flourished like a cherry tree in the spring. By the way, Japan also had a certain increase in production in the automotive indu

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08 Mar

Nissan Pathfinder 2022 - Fifth generation crossover

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The photo is taken from the site: Until recently, it was not known for sure whether a new, fifth-generation Nissan Pathfinder crossover would be born. For various reasons, the manufacturer postponed the presentation, as well as refined individual com

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28 Feb

Mercedes CLA 2019

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The four-door Mercedes CLA sedan of the 2019 model year with a coupe-like body profile is predicted to lead in its class, because in its new appearance it has become even more stylish. The obvious focus on the younger generation is highlighted by the fact that we are dealing with a more fashionable and expensive version of the classic A-Class hatch

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